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TTT # 49 – Top Reasons I Love High Fantasy

You might not have missed that fantasy is my favorite genre. Fantasy has a lot of sub genres though. From Paranormal Romance to Urban Fantasy. But I hold a special place in my heart for High Fantasy. So when The Broke and the Bookish had the prompt ten reasons I love x I had to do high fantasy. But that was easier said than done. Because how do you express your love for something in words and reasons?

  • World building from scratch
    A high fantasy series isn’t set in our world. Authors create their own world though often slightly based on our world with a spin. There are cultures, their own languages, and beautiful scenaries. But one can also construct a dark and gritty world that is only rock.
  • Anything goes
    Moving from the first point, anything goes really, mostly. You want to combine modern technology with a medieval era, have fun, as long as you can explain and join things together really well. You want a 13 year old kid sit on the throne, go ahead. Humans be enslaved to another fantasy race, nothing is stopping you. Want to have a dragon have the ability to look like a human? Have a go.
  • CB586C55-E099-42C4-9B7A-7130DB61F228_zpswybxgwi0Dragons and other mythical creatures
    One of the things that has always drawn me in various fantasy series and shows were mythical creatures. While they certainly aren’t exclusive to high fantasy they can be incorperated into the world more easily than in our own world where they often have to be hidden.
  • Being immersed in a world that is not our own
    It’s easy to forget about your own worries when you leave our own world and jump into a world that is nothing like our own.
  • It’s epic
    High fantasies always feel epic, grander than life. Their whole world is on the line. While other fantasy genres can give you this as well, it never feels quite as epic because it still takes place in our world. In High Fantasy the stakes feel higher.
  • Different races
    Next to mythical creatures there are different type of fantasy races like elves and dwarves. And even hybrids like half dragons and half humans as Seraphina has.

Do you love high fantasy? What draws you to this subgenre? And if not, what is your favorite fantasy subgenre?

50 thoughts on “TTT # 49 – Top Reasons I Love High Fantasy

  1. Ooh high fantasy. An old favorite. πŸ™‚ I agree about the immersion, love that about fantasy and the other races plus mythical creatures- and dragons!- are also a highlight. I read a ton of epic fantasy growing up and I honestly wouldn’t be the same without all those reading experiences, so it has a special place. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m more of a contemporary gal, so I like urban fantasy the most among all Fantasy subgenres. Honestly, it was only when I joined the book blogging community that I became interested with High Fantasy. I’m currently reading Crown of Midnight πŸ™‚

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    1. I love how the blogging community can do that. I wouldln’t have read The Book Thief or Simon vs if it hadn’t been for other bloggers and readers vocally loving them so much.

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  3. I love all fantasy but high fantasy is my favorite. I love reading about an entirely new place with its own world and creatures I’ve never heard of. It’s a great escape. Great list!
    My TTT

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  4. Oh yes, great pick for this weeks prompt! Love that this prompt means nearly all our posts are about something different. I love your choice, as I absolutely adore high fantasy novels. I love the worlds that the authors can create. I love finding out about the magic of the world or the creatures in it. It just amazes me that an author can create such a vivid world on their own! You can check my TTT post out here.

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  5. I’m with you: high fantasy is one of my first loves, although I’ve not read as much recently (I might have to fix that πŸ™‚ – the sheer scope of anything goes is a joy.

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  6. Great choice of topic this week! I agree completely with everything on your list! I love all kinds of fantasy, but high fantasy most of all. It’s the most fun and epic and I love being able to go on all these awesome adventures while reading.

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  7. I have really been getting into fantasy this year and it is wonderful! Thank you for stopping by. πŸ™‚

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  8. I don’t read much fantasy, “high” or otherwise, but I’d like to. These all sound like great reasons to enjoy some high fantasy novels! Thanks for the fun list and for visiting Finding Wonderland! πŸ™‚

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  9. Yes! I love it! I do find I like Adult High Fantasy better because there is less kissing and swooning (my gawd I loathe that word, heh heh) than in YA. When I need to shut my mind off from daily life I reach for High Fantasy. And who can resist a dragon or two? Wonderful post. I enjoyed it. ☺

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    1. It can be hard to find ya high fantasy without the romance, but some romances aren’t too bad. πŸ˜‰ Says the person who dislikes romance, haha. Thank you. ❀

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  10. Yesss I SO agree with your list! The options are endless in fantasy and that’s like half the excitement, right?!?! PLUS DRAGONS. Plus so much action and adventure and magical creatures and epic world building. *hugs all the fantasy* If I could only choose one genre, it’d 100% be fantasy. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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