Book Review – Melodies of Blood 1

melodies of bloodBook: Melodies of Blood 1: The Awakening by Maialen Alonso
Release Date: April 18th 2016
Genre: Dystopian/Supernatural
Rating: 2,5 out of 5 stars



A love is born when a rebellion rises and war is near. After, participating in a cryogenic experiment conducted by the Alliance of Nation’s Meryl accidently awakens from her long sleep. After she is able to understand her situation Meryl observes the gloomy room in which she finds herself and learns that more time than a week has passed.

On her first day out of cryogenic sleep she is captured. The world that she knew is now covered by a thick black cloak that doesn’t allow the sun to penetrate it and the she learns the horrifying truth. The vampires that control the earth have enslaved humans and created a New Era.

Meryl is purchased by Caleb the leader of Alpha Zone and she will have to accept her new situation, but the problems have just begun.


Thank you to the author for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Awakening is the first book of Melodies of Blood, and was originally written in Spanish. It took me a while to get through this book. One of the reasons for this was that the book needed more editing.

It was one of the first things that struck me already in the prologue. The punctuation surrounding speech. Not every speech moment followed the correct punctuation rules, but other parts did.  Added to that were the long sentences that could have used more punctuation or could have better been chopped off in multiple sentences. Next to that the descriptions didn’t flow nicely in the first few chapters, though I wonder how much this has to do with translating it from Spanish to English.

I’m also confused as to whether this is meant to be a multiple third person point of view or an ominous point of view. Sometimes it feels as a third person but then there are things that are mentioned during  a characters point of view that they couldn’t possibly know. Or the focus shifts within a scene between a lot of different characters like in an ominous point of view.

And it is a shame. Because I do feel that the plot does hold some promise. A dystopian setting with vampires. That is what drew me into wanting to read this book. Unfortunately the first half of the book is spend mostly on the romance between our two main characters. Personally I find this a shame, because this space could have been better used to set up the plot for the second half of the book. The second half of the book plot wise was a lot better. There were some surprises.  However I wish some things were better set up in the first half, and I feel that some of the characters didn’t make the logical decisions.

As for the characters, I had some problems with Meryl. Mostly I feel she is rather flat. There is also a lot of emphasis on her being innocent, and I think she gives into this whole new world a bit too easily as well as to her attraction towards Caleb. Caleb is okay as a character, but I feel that it is being said more that he is great than it is being shown to us through his actions and his intelligence. Their romance was also insta love and I can’t feel a bit of it. I can feel their physical attraction. Those parts were well written. However I can’t see what he sees in her or what she sees in him beyond that.

I thought Pein and Alexander were more interesting characters  with the often mentioned Epsilon. I hope their characters will continue to be deepened out in the next book.

Throughout the book there are some illustrations. Like the cover they are absolutely gorgeous to see.


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