Happy 1 Year A Dance with Books

May is a month that somehow stands out to me. Not only is it the month that I got married, but a few days after our first wedding anniversary in 2015  is when I posted for the first time to this blog. At the start of that month I had started playing with the idea of making a blog using wordpress. But it wasn’t until May 20th that I actually dared to post. It wasn’t any kind of an amazing post. Nice to Meet You was a very short introductiion post that had very little thought put into it. But at least it got me over the nerves of actually doing this whole blog thing.

My review of Legend was my first true post on here. Point of views in books is one of the posts I remember the best writing. While this post will be number 261 (when I planned this in in any case, haha). My that is quite the number. A number I didn’t think I’d ever achieve.

One of my biggest hesitations towards creating a book blog was the fear I would not keep with it. A lot of different interests have fallen in and out of my life like manga, drawing and so on. But to be honest, that’s okay. As we grow older things shift in our lives. We move from our chidhood, into adolesence towards some form of adulting which often consists of working and starting a family of your own. And the things that we do, like hobbies, we use to figure out where our true interests lie with.

Reading and books have always been a constant in my life I realize now, even in the years where it had moved more to the back. Now it’s an obsession.

And hey, some of you have actually joined me on this journey where I’m still sometimes trying to discover what way of blogging fits me best. The biggest portion of you come from USA, the Netherlands and UK, which is not that surprising to me. But looking at the list of stats on WordPress, it is interesting to see the amount of different countries that stometimes stop by my blog after the top three.

I like playing the number games and share some of my reading statistics for all the see. But I try not to focus too much on the number of followers. I’m just happy with anyone that is willing to follow me or comment on any of my posts. It’s the interaction with all of you that counts the most to me, and that truly makes me stay.

So thank you to all of you that have ever visited my blog. It’s much appreciated.  I can’t promise everything will stay the same with this little twerp coming in August, but I don’t think I’m going anywhere.



22 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year A Dance with Books

  1. Happy anniversary. It sounds like you blog for the right reasons and for yourself. I enjoy visiting your blog and reading your reviews. Hope year two is just as successful! Emma

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  2. Proficiat! Ik ontdekte je nog niet zo lang geleden maar kom graag op je blog langs. Het aantal verschillende landen van waaruit men op mijn blog terechtkwam wist me echt te verbazen. Best wel grappig dat mensen van over de hele wereld op mijn kleine boekenblog terecht kwamen.

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  3. Congratulations on your first year! In my opinion it is the most difficult one in blogging and you made it. After the baby comes, even if you don’t find a lot of time to read, please blog about the baby when you can. I would miss you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. ❤ I guess the first year is when a lot of book blogs stop.
      And I'd miss all of you as well. I'm trying to have a bunch of reviews stocked up so that I have some reviews to post. And in July I would like to have most posts done for August/September so I'll not have to worry about it too much, and that I can still spend some time commenting. 😉 But we'll have to see how that works out.

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