Wrap Up

Blog Ahead May 2016 Wrap Up

The two weeks are up. Blog Ahead is officially done. I am not displeased, but I don’t feel very accomplished either. I didn’t manage to complete all my goals. And I would have liked to have more posts done from July and August. But I guess you can’t have everything. So see below what I completed and what I did not complete.

Blog Ahead Goal

  • Increase your scheduled posts by 15 – Completed
    Total scheduled posts I should have at the end: 22
    Total scheduled posts I have: 23

Personal Goals

  • Plan topics ahead until the end of July/August Completed
    I planned ahead until the end of August. I had to hold back to not plan any further but I figured that wouldn’t leave much room for new ideas that need to be done at a certain time.
  • Schedule Top Ten Tuesday posts as far ahead as possibleCompleted
    I wish I had been able to get more top ten tuesday posts out of the way but there are only prompts until June 7th, last time I checked.
  • Write out all topics/discussion posts if possible, but at least five (7/5) Completed
    This went reasonably well. I did two more than the minimum amount I wanted to do. I did not finish all the ones from my planning, but I’m not completely displeased with that.
  • Fill in book tags I still have to do so I can easily plan these in when needed (2/4)
    I did not manage to finish this one, unfortunately. I had a hard time focusing on the tags.
  • Take bookish photos for all newly scheduled posts
    I took photos for almost all posts that are now planned in with the exception of the last four I planned in I think. So I did not finish this, but I’m also not too far behind either. Hopefully there will be some sunny days these coming weeks so I can take those photos.

To be fair to myself, there were a lot of posts in my planning I had to skip like wrap ups, book hauls, Sunday Posts, but also the book shelf tour I’m planning on doing at the end of June. I want to take pictures at the start of June for that, but I still have to make some room for some books so I can’t really do much to plan in those posts. So at least I did do most of June’s posts that I could do and a few of July/August. Still I wish I could have done more. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can continue on blogging ahead so that I have most posts that can be ready for July and August.

How far ahead do you have scheduled posts usually?


3 thoughts on “Blog Ahead May 2016 Wrap Up

  1. Doorgaans weet ik een maand vooraf al welke blogposts ik op elke specifieke dag wil publiceren. Het echte uitwerken doe ik doorgaans minstens 1 week vooraf. Dus alle blogposts voor volgende week zijn momenteel al uitgeschreven en ingepland.

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    1. Ja dat deed ik normaal gezien ook. Het werkte wel prettig, maar als er eens wat tussen kwam ergens en ik had minder tijd dan zat ik al snel in de knoop. Dus nu probeer ik wat verder vooruit te werken, want anders stress ik me daar weer over (ook al weet ik dat ik niet zou moeten doen, want ik moet niks).

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