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TTT #45 -Top Websites/Apps I Like That Aren’t Just For Books

When you are a book lover like me often all we do will have to do with reading and books, including infesting our every thought. So of course a lot of the websites we visit will also be book themed whether this is Goodreads or other book blogs. But not all websites we visit have a bookish theme.

Honestly I struggled a lot with this week’s top ten tuesday prompt from The Broke and the Bookish. I don’t tend to visit that many websites. And the ones that I do, do have something to do with books. I mean I do visit other websites but they vary a lot. And I don’t really count the online webshops where I keep my book wish list, haha.

Other websites that I used to visit a lot, like deviantart, faded away when I lost my interest in drawing about two years ago. The same goes for websites like, and even Tumblr.


  • Livejournal
    Back when I was in high school I had a livejournal account. A lot of people from various fandoms were active that. It was in livejournal high days. In 2013 I returned there with a new account. I write posts there about my daily life, my feelings and struggles. My account is friends only.
  • Letterboxd
    Letterboxd is a site similar to Goodreads but for movies. You can keep track of a diary where you fill in the movies you watched. You can even add movies that you rewatched, unlike with Goodreads. I recently became active again there. If you have an account, friend me.
  • Twitter
    I’ve had my twitter account for a few years, but for a lot of those I wasn’t very active. Only since I’ve had this blog I’ve become more active there. But I tweet about random things like my pregnancy as well. You can find my twitter account in the sidebar.
  • Instagram
    Instagram I only use as an app on my IPOD. While most of my feed is bookstagram I do follow other people on there as well. You can find my account in the sidebar.
  • Fashion Story
    An app I use often to play where I have a fashion store, haha.


What non-bookish websites do you like to visit? And do you struggle, like me, to name any? 



13 thoughts on “TTT #45 -Top Websites/Apps I Like That Aren’t Just For Books

  1. Ik ben ook lid van Letterboxd, maar ik ben niet super actief. Ik houd bij welke films ik heb gekeken, maar schrijf geen reviews en heb geen vrienden. Al ga ik jou natuurlijk toevoegen, dus jij hebt de eer mijn eerste Letterboxd vriend te zijn 😉 haha

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  2. Letterboxd ken ik nog niet, dus die moet ik misschien maar eens bezoeken. Eigenlijk bezoek ik niet heel veel sites die niet boek-gerelateerd zijn. Refashionista vind ik echter wel leuk om af en toe te bezoeken. Die blogster herwerkt kleding die ze bij kringloopwinkels koopt en het is echt leuk om te zien wat ze daar uiteindelijk van maakt.

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