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May New Releases I Am Keeping My Eye on/Need to Have

With May we are creeping closer towards the Summer. For me after this mont there is a considerable less amount of new releases that I’m really interested about until the end of August. That I know of at the moment anyway. I felt the same way last year.

There is also a decrease of books I am finding by Dutch authors that I am interested in (or I hear about them too late) as I am mostly interested in fantasy/sci-fi. I’ll try and look around more in the coming months if I can manage it. Sometimes I just don’t know where to look for this specific category because they are so often drowned out by all the international and translated to Dutch releases. And that is a shame.

International Releases

May 3th

  • The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo 1) by Rick Riordan
    You know I  have every intention of not purchasing this as I want to not buy everything, and yet it sounds so interesting. It is a different take going into the same type of setting so I am curious how that would work out. Maybe I’ll get it as an ebook.
  • The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi
    This book has such a stunning cover. I am in love with it. While the base idea of this book isn’t something that would normally intrigue me all that much, at the same time the way the synopsis is written sparks my attention enough to want to keep my eye on it.

May 24th

  • The Last Star (The 5th Wave 3) by Rick Yancey
    The final installment to this trilogy. And after the dissapointment of The Infinite Sea I am kind of anxious about this final book. I loved The 5th Wave though so hopefully it will be more like that again.


Translated to Dutch Releases

May 4th

  • Riders (Riders 1) by Veronica Rossi
    The Dutch release of Riders as you might have guessed. Veronica Rossi is the author of the Under the Never Sky trilogy, and while I have yet to read that, I am curious to see how this one is received with some of the Dutch bloggers.

May 28th

  • Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
    When Blossom Books announced they were going to release a Dutch edition of Nimona, the graphic novel, I was so excited. I’ve been meaning to read this one. And some graphic novels don’t get the attention they deserve here.



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