Blog Ahead

Blog Ahead

While doing my rounds of Sunday Post last week on Sunday I came across a few posts that mentioned doing the Blog Ahead mini. Blog Ahead is almost like a blogging-thon where you try to blog ahead as far as you can. It is happening from May 1st until May 15th, and is hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup. For more explanation and to sign-up visit the post here.

With my husband’s Summer vacation being moved forward (the first three weeks of June) and my pregnancy coming to a close in July/August, I thought this would be a great way to get ahead. While I do have more time to put into blogging now, when I already have some posts planned out I often think, I don’t really need to push too hard with blogging ahead. So this can be a great motivator to get really ahead.

The first week of this also has two read-a-thon going on so we’ll see how I will do. But I am excited to participate and see how others do. I might write a seperate wrap up post for this or I might wrap it up in a Sunday Post. We’ll see.

Blog Ahead Goal

  • Increase your scheduled posts by 15

Personal Goals

  • Plan topics ahead until the end of July/August
  • Schedule Top Ten Tuesday posts as far ahead as possible
  • Write out all topics/discussion posts if possible, but at least five (o/5)
  • Fill in book tags I still have to do so I can easily plan these in when needed (o/4)
  • Take bookish photos for all newly scheduled posts

Are you going to participate in Blog Ahead? Do you have a strict schedule as to when you blog?

14 thoughts on “Blog Ahead

  1. All the best with your blog plans and the summer plans and definitely the pregnancy. I wish you well in everything. I always have scheduled posts. Right now I have 21 posts on my schedule. I guess I read fast and plus participate in a number of weekly memes so I always have some reviews lined up for weeks ahead then I only post only once daily hence.

    Scheduling is great though for when life gets too busy, at least your blog will keep going then.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I have scheduled posts as well, I’m a few weeks ahead now, but then I start to slack a little until I almost run out, haha. So this blog ahead challenge hopefully will motivate me to really push out a good amount for the next few months.


  2. I think I’ll have to do this! I have my last dance competition this weekend and then my weekends will be free so it’ll probably be a good time to get ahead!

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  3. I am not much into challenges like this. But I do blog ahead. You never know when life is catching up on you and you have no time or no inclination to write.
    Good luck with your goals. You have great motivation to blog ahead as much as you can 🙂

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