Book Shelf Tour 2016 – Upstairs Part 2

Last week I posted the first part of the book shelf tour upstairs. This week I am continuing on with those book shelves upstairs. This time in the baby room. Yes, you heard right. These books are in the baby room. What better way to install the love of books in a child than to already have books in their room? And you know, we had no other space and I thought it would be a waste to throw away these book cases. Ahum.

⚜ ⚜

So this is in the top left. It is filled with the books that I am not quite ready to part with but don’t want in my main book shelves anymore either. Almost all of these are read. It starts with some more adult, moves to young adult and then to middle grade.

The first few thin books are book gifts that you get when buying a book in book weeks (well except the Nora Roberts one). We have a few a year I think. Next up is The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien. I tried reading this two years ago or so but I could not get into it. The Golem and the Djinni is a standalone book I enjoyed for the writing but I could not connect with the characters. I enjoyed the concept of Fearie Tales, but some of the stories were a bit hit or miss. It is a great Halloween read though with the illustrations. Iced I bought on a whim. It is the sixth book of the Fever series and the first of Dani’s story. I had hoped I could just start there, but apparently not, haha. Kafka on the Shore is another book I tried to read, but I could not get into. It might actually be moved to the shelf next door that I will get to later.  The Eon duology is one I had high hopes for but Eona unfortunately did not meet my expectations.

His Dark Materials is a trilogy that I did not enjoy. While the first book held promise it all went downhill for me after that. But I do really like this edition so I’m hanging on for it for the next while. I enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss, but I don’t think I will read the other two books. I don’t see myself rereading this any time soon so it ended up here. Then three Rainbow Rowell books: Eleanor and Park, Fangirl and Carry On. You can’t say I haven’t given this author a good chance. But she’s just not for me. There is a good chance these will also move over to the shelf next door soonish. Cress is here because I replaced it with a hardcover. I liked Demon Road but I’m not sure if I will read the rest of the series. I have so many series I still have to finish, so we shall see.

Below are the first two books of The Falling Kingdom series. This series has been somewhat dissapointing to me. I still have to read the third one, but I’m not holding my breath. Then the four main Iron Fey books. I don’t love this series as others do. But I do really like these glittery covers so I am keeping them for now. And The Precious Stone trilogy. I really enjoyed these, but I don’t really have any attachment to them. So that is why they are here.

Next up is the first three and fifth book of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. I have read the first three books, and I think it isn’t a bad middle grade/young adult adventure series, but it really isn’t for me. However I do think I still want to read the last three because one of the books is called The Necromancer and that really interests me. But I want to get them cheap. Philippa Fisher’s Fairy God Sister is a cute middle grade read. Artemis Fowl has a dose of more adventure. It’s interesting but I don’t think I’ll continue the series beyond the second book at the moment. Next to that is Birth of a Killer, a book I’m not sure if I want to read. Amulet is a great graphic novel that I haven’t decided where it would fit properly on my shelves as I don’t have any other real graphic novels like it. Next is Neon Genesis Evangelion, a manga that was actually made after the anime which doesn’t happen that often. I should really get back into this series because it is good. Then two character guides of XXXHolic and Tsubasa. Lastly to novels from the tv shows Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.

Then we move over to the right top shelves that I already mentioned. It holds very little at the moment. This is where at the moment I keep the books that I am planning on selling to the second hand book store once I got a certain amount again.

So these are the first three books of The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I read the first one that I did not like all that much. I’ve been meaning to read the other two, but I can’t be bothered to pick them up to be honest. And The Martian which you guys already know is not my thing. So it will go.

On the left side in the middle we have these books.In primary school, and even in freshman year in high school we would get offers to buy bundles of about 6 books that would fit with our reading level. They would be cheaper than buying the books in the book store and it was good to promote more reading. These are actually my husbands, but I have the similar ones. I think the same ones actually as we were born in the same year. But mine are still at my parents. I’m not sure if they still do this but I hope they do. I read them all. Do you have anything like that in your countries? And to the Dutch do you remember these?

Now you can’t see the titles on these very well, but they are all in Dutch anyway. So I’m just going to pick out a few that I remember well. One of them is Blauw Plekken or Bruises by Anke de Vries. It’s a book about physical abuse and it is a book I still remember well.
En de Groeten van Groep Acht is another book I remember well. It is a fun book, but it also touches upon some topics like bullying.

Oorlogswinter or Winter in Wartime is a children’s book that most will know. It is set in the second world war and was made into a movie a few years ago. I really should reread this one. Koning van Katoren or How to Become King is from the same author. It’s a fun book.  Saartje Tadema I remember as well. It’s from the same author as Crusade in Jeans and someone who wrote a lot of historical children’s fiction.

Carry Slee is a well known Dutch author who wrote a lot of children’s/young adult books with a serious theme like drug use. Pijnstillers is a book where the main character discovers who he is and who his parents are.
Another well known children’s author is Tonke Dragt. She pulled mostly towards fantasy type stories. De Zevensprong is one of her most known books.  We also got some classics later one. Those are the ones with the golden spines. Madame Bovary for instance.

These books are on the right side in the middle. It is a mixture of children’s book from Maarten and me. There are a few middle grade and young adult books here that I bought in later years while others are really old.

The first book is a fairy book of Tinkerbell I thought was cute a few years ago. The rest after that are a bit of a mix match of various type of young children books. Pietje Bell is a well known character, and movies were made of him. The books actually started publishing in 1914. I never realized how long ago those were written. The Kameleon books are adventure books about twins who have a boat called the Chameleon. I read a bunch of these when I was younger.

I remember watching old tv movies of The Famous Five from Enid Blyton, and I think I read some of the books as well. So when I saw these bind-ups last year for real cheap I got them. Darren Shan and Cirque du Freak are rather well known. I read Magyk last year and while it wasn’t for me I thought it would be a good book for a future child. It’s a great fantasy adventure, and hey I’ve got to install some fantasy love into this child you know. Stravaganza is a book that I bought for the cover when I was younger, but I wasn’t entirely impressed with the story.

And hey look, there is a book called Annemieke! I can’t remember ever reading a book with my name in it. But my mom had gotten it from a library sale and kept it for me. Earlier this year she gave it to me. I have yet to read it though.

This is below on the left side. It has some picture books and books to read stories from to young children.  On the right top there are also some information books written for children like about hamsters. My husband had hamsters when we was young. The right side is mostly empty and not worth showing you guys.

⚜ ⚜

I hoped you found it entertaining to see these books that I have but otherwise don’t really get the chance to show you guys.

11 thoughts on “Book Shelf Tour 2016 – Upstairs Part 2

  1. Bookshelf tours are always fun. Nice to see how you have them divided up. I was going to try Children of Hurin as well but looked at it and it did look kind of hard to get into, so I skipped it. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Children of Hurin is hard to get into. It just has so many names it’s hard to keep track of it, added on to the fact that it isn’t written quite as nicely as LOTR.


  2. I like your system of organization in moving the books from shelf to shelf according to what you think about them. I do this a little bit, as I stack the books I don’t want to keep, and am going to use for trading, giveaways, or donating, horizontally on top of my bookshelves. Thanks for the tours. I love seeing peoples bookshelves. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it works nicely to see if I still want to hold on to some of them. I get a chance to hold on to them without them holding up space on my main book shelves. Stacks on top of book shelves work great as well. I’d just never be able to reach them on top of my main book shelves, haha.

      I love seeing them as well!


  3. Wow, your collection is getting bigger. Not surprised of course 🙂 Shame you couldnt get into Stravaganza, the first 3 books were pretty okay. Might have been an issue with the translation? And have you read the Chrestomanci books by Diana Wynne Jones?
    This reminds me I have to get on with my own bookshelf tour, this month. I am 1/4 of the way there, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It just keeps growng and growing despite selling some books earlier this year.
      Mght have been. I read it when I was 15/16 I think. I own the first two bind-ups of the Chrestomanci books. Hoping to get to them this year.


  4. Momenteel staan er ook nog enkele van dit soort boeken in mijn kast. Verhalen die ik niet noodzakelijk slecht vond maar waarvan ik zeker weet dat ik ze niet nog is ga lezen. Of een serie die ik niet ga vervolledigen. Zodra er ooit plaatsgebrek is zijn dat de eerste boeken die plaats mogen maken voor nieuwe aanwinsten. Bij jouw boeken zag ik er nog wel enkele die ik dan weer net wel zou willen houden. Zo heb ik zelf de twee laatste boeken uit Julie Kagawa’s serie maar niet de eerste twee. Nu ja, eigenlijk heb ik die wel vermits ik de volledige serie in twee omnibussen kreeg op de Boekenbeurs. Maar eigenlijk zou ik die liever willen ruilen voor de eerste twee losse delen omdat ik die veel mooier vind. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja ik vind losse delen in de boekenkast eigenlijk ook mooier, maar soms zijn de bind-ups wel veel goedkoper, haha. Ik heb de eerste twee als een pakket gekocht bij de AH paar zomers geleden. Wel geluk mee gehad, want het was vrij goedkoop. Ik heb helaas grote moeite gehad met de Iron Fey serie dus vandaar dat ze daar staan, en dat is ook de reden dat ik maar niet ben begonnen aan haar nieuwe serie, Talon. Ook al heeft die draken en hou ik van draken. (En die covers zijn ook weer zo mooi, bah, haha)


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