Book Shelf Tour 2016 – Upstairs Part 1

With our new addition to the family coming in August we’ve had to rethink a lot of things upstairs. Next to moving some rooms around and throwing away an awful lot, we moved the book shelves upstairs around a bit. This also meant I reorganised them there. And with this picture post I would like to show you what we have up there.

The old book shelves upstairs you can still see in this post.

⚜ ⚜

This is how the book shelves are put now (though still empty in these pictures). The first picture is a single book case in the spare bed room. The other double book case is in the baby room actually. This first part will focus on the first book shelf in our spare bedroom.

⚜ ⚜

This is the top shelf filled with my manga. I do have some other manga in the book shelf downstairs but those are nicer editions or favourites. A lot of these were actually bought during my teenage years.

On the top shelf it starts with Only the Ring Finger Knows, a yaoi standalone. Next to that is the first volume of Yellow, a yaoi series. These two are a bit more sparkly than I prefer in my manga, like the covers. 2oth Century Boys, Black Jack and Monster are three interesting manga’s that I sometimes regret not following more. But as I said, I was a lot younger back then and at the time it didn’t work for me as it would maybe do now. After that you see volume 2 to 10 of Fruits Basket. I found these rather cheap in a store, but without volume 1 as you can see. I honestly don’t remember too much about this series.

On the other end of this shelf is Gravitation, another yaoi series that was quite popular for a while there. While I liked the first few volumes I guess I started losing interest rather soon in it. D.N. Angel is another one that was quite popular. Cute but not entirely my thing personally. After that there is Shutterbox of which I have only read volume 3 and 4. Another cheap find of which I thought the art was interesting but was a bit of a let down. Re:Play is a graphic novel by an artist on Deviantart that I followed for a while. I really like her art so I purchased the first volume to support her. Next to that are some more random manga that I found in stores and bought or were gifts with the Aniway ( a Dutch anime magazine).

The shelf below that has two stacks. The first stack is of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. The first 8 volumes. At the time the anime was very popular on tv and a lot of kids started playing the card games. I watched the tv show a lot, thought the hair was interesting (at the time), and so I was interested in the manga as well when I saw them. I loved Yami Bakura by the way.

The other stack holds 3 books of Kingdom Hearts, and the big one at the bottom is the Kingdom Hearts one with Roxas. There are also three thin graphic novels of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Those with black spines are connected to the movie. You know, that bad one we all try to forget ever existed? And a random The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko, another manga I got with the Aniway.

Alice 19th is a 7 part manga that I really enjoyed when I was in high school. It’s fluffy with some humor. In parts it reminded me of Card Captor Sakura. I remember really loving some of these characters though. I should reread it but I had spilled something all over my copies, and I’m still upset with myself over that. Next to this series is one volume of Inuyasha that I had once bought. I was always interested in the anime of this but the series was already so long. I never really got into it though. Too many episodes. Too many manga.

Then there are a couple of first volumes of Naruto. I have read most of Naruto online and I liked it. I even read some after the time jump, but lost interest after a while when in college.

I also have the first seven volumes of One Piece that I bought in bundles. It’s about pirates and at the time I was very much so in to pirates. It’s a bit ridiculous in parts but entertaining. I never did read on past those 7 volumes. Manga is just really expensive. And lastly the first 17 volumes of Shaman King. I really liked Shaman King when they started showing the anime on the tv here. Again I never finished the anime nor the manga.

The shelf below that hold my husbands comics. He has collected many Suske and Wiske’s over the years, and at a second hand book store has bought a few of the bind-ups in hardcover. If I recall right I think the yellow ones are black and white. Suske and Wiske is a Belgian comic series that has been really popular in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

In England they are known as Spike and Suzy, in America as Willy and Wanda and in France as Bob and Bobbette. Below those are his bind-ups of Donald Duck.

The lowest shelf is a mix match of photo albums, old friendship booklets, a bible and an Oxfort dictionary.

Lastly I’d like to show you this children’s series that I don’t have put away in a book shelf. The Snow Walker trilogy by Catherine Fisher is a series that I really liked and I still reread from time to time. I’ve actually been rereading it this year. I’m glad I got these in hardcover.

⚜ ⚜

I hope you enjoyed seeing these shelves. Next time I will show you the shelves that are now in the baby room that has children’s books and some books I no longer keep in my main book shelves.

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