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March Wrap Up and April TBR

So as some of you might have noticed, yesterday something went wrong when this planned post published. The text had all dissapeared. I was quite peeved when I saw it in the evening, but not much I could do about it at the time besides pulling it offline.

So here we go for the second time with my March wrap up and April TBR. Not as chatty as it originally was.

# Read 120 90 Books
Read this month: 5
Total: 16/90

  1. Blindsighted (Grand County 1) by Karin Slaughter – 3 stars
  2. Phillipha Fisher’s Fairy God Sister (Philipha Fisher 1) by Liz Kessler – 3 stars
  3. Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands 1) by Alwyn Hamilton – 4 stars
  4. On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis – 4 stars
  5. Peter Pan and Peter Pan and Kensington Gardens by J.M. Barrie – 2 stars


# 16 15 Books or Series That I Need to Read in 2016
Read this month: 0
Total: 0/15

So I still have not read any of the books on this list. Hopefully next month. I did sell one of the books on this list though so I have moved it back to 16. Filling it in with a different book didn’t seem fair.


# Commenting 365 Challenge – Commenting on  365 new to me blogs
This month: 10
Total: 31/365

I  am still slowly making progress with this goal. Extremely slow. Maybe making them completely new to me blogs was a bit of a too high of a goal, but I’ll see it through to the end.


# April TBR

My March TBR did not go to well. I only read one book of it and started one other. But I shall remain hopeful that this coming month will be better.

So this month I am meaning to read more sequel books. So far I’ve read a bunch of standalones or first in series, and I would like to finish a few more series or at least catch up to a few series of which I have a few in the series on the shelf already. I put them all in my TBR jar with a few other choices so I can pick out one from there.

Of course as soon as I have Flamecaster in my hands I will be reading that.



So how was your reading month?

7 thoughts on “March Wrap Up and April TBR

  1. My reading was average I’d. I’m used to reading over 10 books per month yet this one I only read 5. They were all very good though hehe 😀

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