Book Marks #4

Over the last few months I’ve collected a few new book marks. Though certainly not too many. I’ve shown restraint. Aren’t you all proud of me.

These I just found in a few books when I started reading them. Some of them are pretty old, haha.

I found this at a book store in Zwolle I visit from time to time. They had a few others of Roald Dahl books, but I decided to go for just this one for a change, haha. I think it is really cute though and it is hanging from my book shelf.

These I got from the book store in Maastricht that I did a post on. The small ones I got with the books I bought. The big one I bought mself.

This one I also bought in Maastricht. I thought it was cute. It has the Dutch word for book on it.


And of course I received these bookmarks for the Dutch Secret Santa exchange by Emmy.

I got these from my husband for a Sinterklaas (a Dutch children’s holiday at the start of the December) exchange with his family. We had a very low budget so when he saw these gift tags he thought they could also make great book marks for me. I especially like the no peeking one.

And then the last three. The first one I found int he book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that I had bought last month. The middle book mark I got when I bought a book at the second hand book store last month. The last one I got as a gift for Christmas from an online friend in the Christmas card she send me. It is so cute!


8 thoughts on “Book Marks #4

    1. There are some pretty ones around the world. Unfortunately shippin is so expensive yeah. But hey, isn’t that what travelling is for? Going to other countries and buying book marks there as a souvenir, haha.


  1. This is a good collection with variety. It is so sweet that you husband got those tags that can serve as bookmarks too. I have collected bookmarks during my travels too. But now what shall I do with them since I read more ebooks than print? 🙂


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