How I Rate Books

Like with the statistics of 2015 I kept track of, I also kept track of how I have been rating the books I read. I find it interesting to see what I average in the rating of books. People are very different in this. Some people rate books 4 and 5 stars more easily. Because they know what books they like and read those mostly for instance or because they dnf books that they would rate under 3 stars. While others might rate books more in the 2 and 3 stars because they keep rather close to what Goodreads says the ratings mean or because they are more critical of details in books. All ways of rating is fine for the record. Everyone has their own way and system, and I think that is great to see.

For now I’d like to take a look at how I rate books. Below I have listed the ratings that I use and how often I have rated books that in 2015.


I always thought I rated books mostly in the 3 stars and while I do rate them there a lot, I did rate books 4 stars the most last year apparently. I find that interesting.

I don’t really have any word specifically tied to each rating so I can’t give you that.

Looking at how I decide to rate my books there is a bit of a difference. With 1, 2, 4, 4,5 and 5 stars I am more of a feeling person. Especially with a 1 star I have to absolutely horribly dislike a book will I rate it 1 star. This doesn’t happen too often because I tend to always see something positive about a book. Or I try to in any case. I know that some rate books they dnf-ed 1 star. Personally I feel I haven’t read enough of a book so I don’t rate those. 

Where with 5 stars I am less critical and will overlook some faults if I have very strong positive feelings about a book. In love with a book.  The difference between 5 stars and 4,5 stars is if a book dragged a little in the middle or if something small annoyed me and I felt more than just love for the book.

The ratings of 2,5, 3 and 3,5 stars are more ratings I have to think about. Sometimes I’ll compare these books to other books I rated in this region and see how they compare rating wise. With these ratings I tend to struggle the most as it requires more thinking. And sometimes I’m not even sure after I have chosen if it is the right rating.

Very rarely I feel that after a while my feelings rating was wrong. I had this with Heir of Fire last year. I rated it 5 stars but after some time I didn’t feel like this anymore. I don’t think I’ve changed the rating on Goodreads though. Would you change the rating? I guess this happens with some books. Some books you read at a certain time in your life when it was just right for that book, for that mood you were in. But later on when that specific mood is gone you look at the book differently.

Also the more books you read, the more you can look different at books you read earlier.  I remember loving The Magicians when I first read it but during my reread last year I was very close to tossing the book across the room in the first 100 pages or so. My love for the book dwindled.



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