Statistics 2015 – July to December + Yearly Wrap Up

Back in July I showed you guys the statistics of the first half of 2015 that I had been keeping track of. I continued to keep track of this for the second half of the year which I will be sharing in this post. I also will look back at the statistics of the whole year quickly. I wondered if I should do a seperate post for it, but that didn’t make sense as I would probably end up repeating myself a lot. Next year I think I might just do one post at the end of the year.

Like in July these statistics will focus on when the books I read were released, which target groups I read, how many pages I read and a miscellaneous section. I just think it is interesting to get a look into my reading and seeing what I read more of. I am excited to compare it to next year already, haha.

Release Dates – July to December + Year Total

2015 releases – 14 (19)
2014 releases – 5 (13)
2010 to 2013 releases – 20 (48)
2000 to 2009 releases – 6 (21)
1999 and earlier releases –4 (11)

I read a nice amount of new releases in the second half of the year. Comparing it to the first half where I only read 5 2015 relases, I now read 14 2015 releases which is almost triple as much. I also read surprisingly more releases from between 2000 and 2009 in the first half of the year compared to the second half of the year. Interesting to see how that balance changed a little. For the most part I think I like how I do read a balance of newer and some older releases so I’d like to keep that up next year.


Target Group – July to December + Year Total

Middle Grade – 3 (9)
Young Adult – 33 (67)
Adult – 5 (23)
Classics – 4 (6) *
Graphic Novel/Comics/Manga – 4 (6) *
Non-Fiction –0 (1) *
* I know these aren’t target groups but for me they don’t quite fit in the other groups and I don’t want to quite tally genre since that is mostly fantasy.

Clearly I read a lot of young adult. Suprisingly I read a lot less adult books in the second half of the year. That is something that I am not quite pleased with. I would like to read more adult fantasy. However at the same time I guess I can’t change what appeals to me the most. I can change learning more about adult fantasy books by reading more blogs that focus on these books. That is something I should look into more. Not suprisingly there is very little non-fiction in my reading. I am just not really interested in this section of books.


Pages – July to December + Year Total

Books Read July – 7
Pages Read July – 2647

Books Read August – 12
Pages Read August – 3499

Books Read September – 9
Pages Read September – 2982

Books Read October – 7
Pages Read October 2275

Books Read November – 6
Pages Read November –  3097

Books Read December – 6
Pages Read December – 1984

Total Pages Read This Year – 40.404
Average Pages Per Month – 3367

Augst was clearly a good month with the amount of books I read then. But the amount of pages isn’t quite as high as some of the books in the first half of the year. I think in this it also shows that I have read less adult fantasy books in the second half of the year compared to the first half. Adult fantasy books do tend to have a bit more pages than most young adult books.

Miscellaneous – July to December + Year Total

Rereads – 3 (9)
Series I started – 15 (31)
Series I started but I am not going to continue – 3 (6)
Series I finished – 4 (14)
Standalone – 6 (19)
Novella – 1 (6)
Physical Books – 45 (102)
Ebooks 6 (10)

In this section I mostly did a little less of in the second half of the year. I reread less. I certainly finished a dissapointing number of series. Also I read less standalones which is a bit surprising. On the other hand I don’t often buy standalones. Or when I think something is a standalone and then gets turned into a series. I’m looking at you Magonia!

Next year I’d like to finish more book series. And start a few less. Or at least finish as many series as I start. Though that might not be that achievable unless I start buying a lot of books again. And I’m trying not to.

On the book buying front my stats are so sad I am not even going to share. I’m so embarassed. Let’s just say I bought more books than I read last year. That needs to change!

13 thoughts on “Statistics 2015 – July to December + Yearly Wrap Up

    1. I like seeing what I read and such. And throughout the year it is just jotting down a line when I finish a book. Buying books is just so much quicker than reading, haha.


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