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Reading Goals 2015 Wrap Up

I know a lot of people have already wrapped up their reading goals of 2015 and talked about their reading goals of 2016. However for me it feels weird to wrap up goals for 2015 when that year wasnt even over yet. Maybe that is just me? It is also why my top books of 2015 will come this month instead of in December.

So here we go.

1. Read more by Dutch authors in the fantasy genre, one a month if possible. Minimum 12 books.

This was a goal I started of well with in the first half of the new year. However a few months in I started slagging off in this department. I ended up reading 3 books and 2 novella’s for this goals.

  • Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
  • Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis
  • De Erfenis van Richard Grenville (De Verborgen Universiteit 1) by Natalie Koch
  • Grijs Gebied by Marion Pauw
  • De Zomer Hou Je Ook Niet Tegen by Dimitri Verhulst

2. Read 100 books. That is about 8-9 books a month, so 2 a week.

From my monthly wrap up’s I think it was clear that I have acomplished this goal. It went easier than I thought it woul even though there were still some months where I certainly didn’t read 8-9 a month. But other months I read over 10 so it evened out.

3. Read all owned books of series you have started.
This goal I had specified more in March. Initially it was more open. I had written down the books I had started of series in 2014 (and the first 2 months of 2015) and that I own other books of that I had not yet read. This could mean that I can finish this series, I could catch up to these series, or that I just read all the books I own of a series. I have a tencency to start a series, and get side tracked by other ones.

The amount of series I came to was 19 of which I own 34 books unread. In total I finished or caught up to (sometimes just caught up to what I own of the series) 11 of these series this year. I read 19 books of the 34 on the list.

4. PopSugar Ultimate 2015 Reading Challenge

Honestly after my half year update on this challenge I completely forgot about it. Oops. I think I might have done 30 out of 50 now. It did make me realize that these kind of challenges just are not for me. And I will not participate in one again any time soon. I know it is meant to make you read out of your comfort zone but it made me read books I did not want to read.


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