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TTT #32 – Top Four Resolutions I Have for 2016

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, where we get a bookish prompt to create a top ten for.

The first Top Ten Tuesday of 2016. And of course it starts with resolutions. Mine will focus on some blogging /reading resolutions I have.

  1. Plan and Blog Ahead More
    This is something I’ve mostly been doing the last bit of the year, but I’d like to be able to blog ahead longer times and more consistently.
  2. Spell Check/Look over My Blog Posts More Before Publishing
    Do you ever look at one of your published posts and realize there is a typo in there? I know I do, and it makes me feel horrible. I’d like to look  them over more often. Bloging ahead would help a lot in this.
  3. Unhaul books more often
    I have a bad tendency of holding on to books that I have no more interest in or I didn’t enjoy reading. I have a bunch of books that I still need to take into the second hand book store. Hopefully 2016 will be the year I do this.
  4. Share Blog Posts More on Twitter and Facebook
    I always forget to do this. Often because most posts are scheduled when I go to work so I can’t share the posts until I come back from work. By then I often forget.

11 thoughts on “TTT #32 – Top Four Resolutions I Have for 2016

  1. Ah, it’s always good to haul books when the year starts, or before any season really! Gotta make room for new ones :). I should look over my posts again as well! Even though I’d like to think I write well the first time around I know that there is always room for edits.

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  2. I have to do all of these as well, but I always worry about linking my posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram because I’m so worried about the people on there judging me for it and thinking I’m weird for having a blog (I have this feeling with pretty much everything I do and I really need to get rid of it!)

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    1. People that think having a blog is weird are weird themselves, haha. But I get what you mean. When I share it on facebook I share it on the page of my blog. Never on my personal page. I haven’t even shared my page of my blog on my personal account. And the people that follow me on twitter are mostly book bloggers/online active people themselves. We should get rid of that doubt. We are allowed to share what we love despite what people think of it.

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      1. Haha they definitely are! Most of my followers on my twitter and instagram are people who I used to go to school with or university and such, so I’m still trying to pluck up the courage to do it on those as well as Facebook, I’m hoping to get rid of the doubt this year and become more confident in sharing what I love doing, it’s one of my resolutions on my list! There are a few people on my Facebook who have blogs and share their posts a lot, so that should make me feel less nervous about doing it myself, but I read their posts and I just can’t bring myself to do it because of how good their blogs are! Hopefully I can overcome this this year but we shall see!


  3. Haha, I also have problems with spell check and grammar *hides* I resolve to do better this year, so we can cheer each other for this goal! 🙂 Scheduling posts is a really good idea, and it’s also less stressful 🙂

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    1. Yes, we should! 😀
      It is less stressful. Whenever I feel too tired it is a nice feeling to know there are still a few already prepared sitting ready to go.


  4. I’ve totally gotten into the decluttering mindset, so as soon as I have anything (including a book I’ve read, but don’t like), I put them in the ‘donation box’. No more stuff I don’t need in my new house!

    Uhm, yes, I should read over my posts as well, but I kinda forget. Plus, my mom reads them all, and if she sees any misspellings, I get a whatsapp, so I can go change it after it’s posted. 😛

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    1. Good start to keeping the house decluttered. I just really need to get over my fear and call the second hand books store. I have a whole bunch I need to get rid of.

      I forget too or sometimes I read over them too fast and I miss things.

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