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January 2016 Releases

It is the last day of 2015! How are you planning on spending your last evening 0f 2015?

Anyway for this new year I want to introduce something new to the blog. At the end of each month I’d like to point out the new releases of next month that I am looking forward to or at least interested in. Added to these international releases I am adding in translated to Dutch releases and releases by Dutch authors I find interesting. I thought it might be great for you to see what books are being translated here. And how quickly they are being translated.

These will all be books that I’ll be keeping my eye on. It doesn’t nessecarily mean I’ll all buy them right away, but I’ll be keeping track of the reviews so I can decide if I want to go for it. As for the Dutch translated section, for some I’ve already read them in English, but I want to mention them here so that those that don’t read English or not as much know this will come out in Dutch and that it is good. And I’m excited some of these are getting translated. That way I can shove them into people’s faces. Haha.

Some of the Dutch links go to a Dutch book seller site when I couldn’t find the Dutch editions on Goodreads yet. I’m not linking to them for the buy factor but because you can see the correct Dutcy synopsis there that isn’t currently available on Goodreads.

International Releases

January 5th
Truthwitch (The Witchlands 1) by Susan Dennard / Fantasy
I had seen this cover around so often that I believed it was already out. The different kind of witches mentioned in the synopsis sound great, and well it is a high fantasy. I’m really excited for it and I have it on pre-order~
Passenger (Passenger 1) by Alexandra Bracken / Sci-Fi
This is Alexandra Bracken’s next series after The Darkest Minds, that I really enjoyed (the first two I have read in any case). The cover is so pretty. The synopsis had me at time travel.
Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers 1) by Brenda Drake / Fantasy
This was one of of the debuts that was on my top ten tuesday list earlier this month. I’m curious to see how it will do.  The series title is an eye catcher though.

January 19th
Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan / Fantasy
Everyone seems to be excited for this. It has reading in the synopsis so that must be  it. It does sound good so we’ll have to see.
Feverborn (Fever 8) by Karen Marie Moning / Urban Fantasy
I haven’t read a book in this series yet but I am somehow excited about this. I think because an online friend loves this series. I really need to start this series.

Translated to Dutch Releases

january 2016 part 1

January 12th
Duizend Stukjes van Jou (Firebird 1) by Claudia Gray / Sci-Fi
A good year after the release of A Thousand Pieces of You, this is being translated to Dutch. I’m oddly excited about this, despite the first book not convincing me entirely. I just love the idea of this book though. And the covers are too pretty.

January 20th
Het Verdoemde Zwaard (Magnus Chase en de Goden van Asgard 1) by Rick Riordan / Mythology
Of course I had to know when The Sword of Summer would be translated to Dutch. Really excited about it.Dutch people, buy it!

January 29th
De Goddeloze Oorlog (De Brug der Getijden 5) by David Hair / Fantasy
Even though in the Dutch version of this series this will be the fifth, this is the translation of the third book of the Moontide Quartet by David Hair, The Unholy War, judging by the titles. I think each book has been split into two, and I suspect that this book will also be split up in to two parts.
On Goodreads the first three Dutch ones are on there but not the fourth or this one, probably because it isn’t too clear these books have been split up. So the third dutch book is attached to the third english book when in fact is is book two part 1 from what I can tell from the titles and the synopsis’. Very confusing.
I own the first two in Dutch though I haven’t read them. I really want to start them at the start of the new year though.

Dutch Authors

january 2016 part 2

January 8th
Geestenkrijger by Linda Dielemans / History Paranormal (I think)
A middle grade book set 4000 years into our past. Curious about this set up that has to do with the death and ghosts from what I can tell

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