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BAK – Secret Santa Exchange

It is December, and very nearly Christmas, and that means there is a lot of gift exchanging going on. One thing you often seen within the bookish communities are the secret santa exchanges. You get someone assigned to you to buy a gift (in this case book) for (but they don’t know that it is you) within a certain budget and you send it to them. Later you can reveal who you were.  I’ve always found it interesting but I had never participated before. Doing it international is really expensive. But when I found one organised by a Dutch book blog site I had to participate.

Boekenadventskalender or better known as BAK is a December event Emmy from Zon en Maan has been organising for a few years now. She hosts one or two giveaways every day in December. Next to that she hosts the secret santa exchange.

In between being ill I managed to send out my secret santa package last week, and heard confirmation that it arrived and was liked. I didn’t take any pictures of that package though.

Yesterday I got the package from my secret santa! Good timing because I’m still not feeling too great.

From the name on the package I could immediately see that the organisator herself had drawn me. Pretty great. So let’s get to what was inside it.

One of the first things I pulled out of the package were the book marks. Everyone knows I love to collect book marks. These are from The Selection and the Shatter Me series. The owl book mark is illustrated by Emmy herself and is from her blog. There were also Harry Potter stickers in there and a pin with page turner on it.

Next I pulled out a bunch of cards. All were illustrated by Emmy again, with the exception of the Iron Fey card. Look at how pretty they are!

Then there were two books in the pacakge!

The first book in the package was The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

Next was De Stem van de Zee by Dutch author Mara Li.

It certainly was a great package. Thank you again, Emmy!


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