Five Dutch Authors That Have Books Out in English

03460983-9db0-4c20-98cf-ea649e41f163_zpso6hjmxntDutch is my native language, but over the years I’ve started reading more and more books in English. And for a while there I hardly read any books by Dutch authors. This year I’ve been trying to change that. I’m still not quite achieving my goal for this but I have found some Dutch authors that I am keeping my eye on.

So for this post I wanted to share with you guys some Dutch authors that have books out that have been translated to English (or are in the process of being translated) or that have been written directly in English as is the case with some of them.

Corinne Duyvis
Books Out in English: Otherbound
To Be Released: On the Edge of Gone
Corinne Duyvis writes her books in English. Her books so far have been in the genre of fantasy and sci-fi. On the Edge of Gone, her new release in 2016, will be set in the Netherlands, something I’m really looking forward to. Next to that disability is something that also tend to present in her books.

Tonke Dragt
Books Out in English: The Letter for the King, The Secrets of the Wild Wood  (These are the ones that I know about presently)
Tonke Dragt is a writer well known for her children’s books in the Netherlands. She enjoyed creating her own worlds. Recently Laura Watkinson translated some of her books. These books were written in the sixties. Some of her books have also been translated to German.

Thomas Olde Heuvelt
Short Stories Out in English: The Boy Who Cast No Shadow, The Day the World Turned Upside Down
To Be Released: Hex
His, soon to be released in English, book Hex I have mentioned on this blog a few times. Though not nessecarily a favorite of mine, it is one that stuck in my head. I can still remember the feelings I had while reading the second half of that book. I think that’s quite special. So maybe it is a favorite… Though I haven’t gotten around to reading some of his other books, I am definitely keeping my eye on him as should you as  he won the Hugo Award for short story this year with The Day the World Turned Upside Down. I’ll be getting the translated version of Hex most likely as apparently he changed the ending for the American edition.

Jen Minkman
Books Out in English: The Island, Shadow of Time, The Boy from the Woods,  and more
Though I personally haven’t read any of her books, this author is on my radar. From what I can tell she writes mostly fantasy and paranormal books.

Paul van Loon
Books Out in English: Alfie the Werewolf books
Paul van Loon is another Dutch children books author. He is very well known for his horror books targeted at children. I ddin’t know his Alfie the Werewolf (Dolfje de Weerwolf in Dutch) books were published in English though.


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