Five Bookish Related Gifts To Ask For Christmas

Christmas is coming awfully close. Family often gets exasperated with us when all we ask for are books. But there are so many other things to ask for that  have to do with books. So for this post I thought I’d share some great bookish related gifts a.k.a. five type of gifts you should totally ask for Christmas this year.

1.  Colouring Books

Colouring books clearly are THE thing this year. But did you know there are now Game of Thrones and Harry Potter colouring books? I want one for Christmas.

harry potter colouring book

2.  Funko Pops
If you follow bookstagram accounts you will have seen all those different types of Funko Pops that grace a lot of book shelves. Overal they are great gifts to ask for if you like the style. They fit great on the shelves with the books that they are from. Next to Game of Thrones and Harry Potter there are now also Hunger Games funko pop. Katniss is looking mighty cool.


3.  Bookish Candles
For those that didn’t know, creating scents of books is a thing. Or rather elements of books are being turned into scents. Like butterbeer from Harry Potter. Personally I haven’t tried any but I have heard good things about Fromthe Page on Etsy.

4.  Bookish Jewelry
That bookish jewelry exists probably isn’t news to any of you. They are great gifts to ask for, and you can find it on a lot of webshops these days. Etsy also has a lot of artists that can make custom jewels of your favorite book.

Personally I really like the time turner necklace of Harry Potter or Arwen’s necklace from the Lord of the Rings.


5.  Bookends
I know, I know, most of us have their book cases so full there is no room for book ends on the shelf anymore. But when you have to place your books on top of the book case or on boards, having a book end can come in handy. Having an eye catching one can make it less messy looking as well.

These days there are a lot of cute ones out there. Some that have to do with reading as well. Or those with black figures that look like they are holding up a book or that continue into the bookend on the other side.


I welcome your thoughts and opinions!

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