Liebster Award #2

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A while ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award again a few times. As this award has different questions each time as they are created by the nominator I figured I would answer these questions in a second post.

So the lovely Amorous Reads,, Danielle and Ellie nominated me this time.

liebster award

Now there are quite a few different rules going around for this award. This time I’ll take the rules that were in the post that nominated me. They are in this lovely graphic.

rules liebster award

The Questions by Amorous Reads

  1. What are the top three books on your TBR pile?
    Right now? Am I suppose to pick? I can’t.
  2. When is your favorite time to read?
    During the day. I’m not much of a night time reader.
  3. What is your favorite type of vacation book?
    I don’t think I have a type that I like to read during vacation. I think contemporaries make great Summer reads but I hardly ever read contemporaries.
  4. If you could be close friends with any author, who would it be?
    Stop making me choose! Maybe Marissa Meyer?
  5. What is your favorite book read in 2015?
    So far, I’d say The Hollow Boy by Jonathan Stroud at the moment.
  6. What is your least favorite book read in 2015?
    Ah, I’d say The Scorch Trails by James Dashner
  7. Standalone, trilogy, or longer series?
    I’ll go with longer series as I’m feeling that at the moment, but I think all three have something that is appealing.
  8. Which book are you always recommending to others?
    The Bartimaeus series by Jonathan Stroud
  9. Which book or series really got you hooked on reading?
    Roald Dahl according to my mom. First books I read on my own.
  10. If you had to set one bookish goal for yourself, what would it be?
    Probably to read all the books on my shelves.
  11. Why did you start blogging?
    I wanted a place of my own where I could voice my opinions and so on.

The Questions by Danielle

  1. Wat is je lievelingsboek?/What is your favorite book?
    These questions are always so hard to answer. One of my favorite books is The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud, the second Bartimaes book.
  2. Kijk je ook de films die gebaseerd zijn op de boeken? Zo ja, wat doe je eerst, lezen of kijken?/Doe you watch book to movie adaptations? If yes, do you read or watch first?
    I do watch book to movie adaptions. If I can I will read the book first, but in some cases I have watched the movie before, sometimes because I didn’t know it was based on a book or because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the book.
  3. Wat vind de beste boekverfilming?/Which book to movie adaptation do you think is the best?
    Howl’s Moving Castle. The Hunger Games adaption was pretty good too though. And I liked The Book Thief as well.
  4. Welke boek hottie is jou nummer 1?/Which book hottie is your number 1?
    Pfff. Am I suppose to choose? Right now I’d say Sturmhond from The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
  5. Wat doe je naast lezen nog erg graag?/What do you like to do next to reading?
    Reading consumes my life. But no, seriously, I haven’t had much time besides working, reading and blogging here to do many different things lately. I suppose watching tv shows counts?
  6. Heb je ooit een boek gelezen waar je verdrietig van werd?/Have you ever read a book that made you sad?
    The Book Thief.
  7. Wat heb je altijd al graag willen doen?/What is something you’ve always wanted to do?
    In general or to do with books? I’m not really sure I have something like that.
  8. Wat vind je familie/vriend/vriendin ervan dat je zoveel leest?/What do your family think of your reading habits?
    My husband and my parents encourage me by getting me more books, haha
  9. Wat is je favoriete leesplekje?/What is your favorite reading spot?
    The couch with view on my book shelves
  10. Heb je huisdieren?/Do you have any pets?
    Yes, we have two cats. You can see them in the books and cats posts.
  11. Van welke boeken serie, zou je heel graag een vervolg willen, ook al is die officieel afgelopen?/Of which finished book series would you like to see a sequel from?
    Oh, hard question. I would love more of the Seven Realms with Dancer, Han and Raisa. We are getting a new series set in this world but not with the same characters.

The Questions by Ellie

  1. Why did you start blogging?
    I wanted a place of my own where I could show my love of books, and easily post my reviews, and order things. I’m no good in front of a camera so booktube wasn’t an option.
  2. What is your favourite hobby?
    Reading, books, duh.
  3. Who is a person you admire?
    Oh, who do I admire. I have admiration for a great deal of people, because I feel there is something to admire in everyone. If you look close enough, you’ll always see something you can admire in someone, no matter how small that is. But keeping it to the book community. I think I admire Cait from Paper Fury for how she is able to write her posts, and making me laugh. If her blog posts are anything to go by her future books will be amazing.
  4. What is your ideal birthday?
    One that brings me a lot of books. 😉 But for the most part just spend with family.
  5. If you could pass one law what would it be?
     Libraries must be available for everyone. These days libraries are dissapearing in a lot of small towns. Having to go to a library in another town or in to one of those library busses just isn’t great, because not everyone can step into those busses (thinking about disabled and the eldery here) or easily go to another town or city. Also there is also the yearly fee. I don’t think it’s expensive, don’t get me wrong, but for some people that is still a lot of money and it is a shame that this is a reason someone can’t access books. (There are a lot of other things I could think of but those are politics, ahaha)
  6. What is your favourite food?
  7. What are two aims for your blog?
    Aim? I am keeping this blog for myself and when I made it I didn’t really have a specific goal in mind. I just want to share my love of books and my opinions through this blog. Now I think I would like to learn to write more catchy posts and good reviews.
  8. If you could travel back in time where would you go?
    No idea.
  9. What is your favourite quote/motto?
    “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” (Cyril Connolly)
  10. What were your dreams as a child?
    I wanted to become a teacher. I tried that and it didn’t work out. 🙂
  11. What was the last thing that made you smile?
    Who. Clients at work.

11 Random Facts

I did a few posts where I had to share facts. I’m trying to think of new ones, but there is a chance I might have shared some of these before.

  1. I do a lot with my Ipod. Most people have all their apps on their smartphone. I have an older Blackberry phone and it works, but it is not great. I’m just not ready to get another one. So I have a bunch of apps like instagram on my IPod. I take all my pictures with my Ipod and use the photobucket app to put it up on here for instance.
  2. I volunteer once every two weeks on a Thursday night. It’s a bit of a set up of a cafe where we have themed evenings or a dart night for people with a mental/intellectual dissability (I always struggle finding the right term in English, I see so many terms)
  3. I’ve been married for almost a year and a half now
  4. I have pretty bad eye sight.
  5. One of my front tooth is half fake
  6. I secretly love Robbie Williams. I blame this on my mom, because Take That.
  7. My mom recently told me that The BFG by Roald Dahl is the first book I read on my own.
  8. I am a tad socially awkward
  9. I went to Egypt in 2009. Only time I’ve left Europe.
  10. Yellow is my favorite color. My bed rooms when I was younger were all completely yellow.
  11. I go to bed awfully early…

 I will not be tagging this round as I already did this once before. But I thought it was a shame to let these questions go.

3 thoughts on “Liebster Award #2

    1. Thanks.
      Haha yes that cheeky charm. I actually have one of the albums of Take That when they got back together for the first time and brought out some new songs. And their old songs are good too.


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