Six Booklrs You Have To Follow

Tumblr_Logo.svgTumblr is a social platform that I think we are all familiar with. You can reblog other people’s post or post your own content for others to reblog and like. There are various things you can find there if you know where to look. For instance there are some great tumblrs out there that share writing resources. And of course there is the section of Tumblr that is dedicated to books, lovingly called Booklr.

As some of you might know, I became active in the book community through Tumblr last year. I discovered the Booklr community and it opened up my world to all the new releases and new authors. It’s a great and easy way in to the community. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite Booklrs.

  1. The Booker
    Rebecca, the person behind A Word Shaker (as her tumblr is called), is a lovely person. She is creative and thinks up great projects like the Underrated Book Project in which she shares underrated books. Other people can submit their suggestions for this.
  2. Books & Cupcakes
    Jessica, next to posting reviews and recommondations, also hosts a photo book challenge monthly.
  3. Books and Cookies
    Mary is such a warm and lovely person and the first person you need to visit for book conversations. She is always super welcoming to new people in the community.
  4. Duke of Bookingham
    The Duke reads a lot of different things. You’ll see a variety of classics on her feed. I also enjoy reading her opinions on certain things.
  5. Introverted Bookworm
    Introverted Bookworm is a lovely person who posts book hauls, reviews, book photos and book recommondations.
  6. Becki’s Bookshelf
    Becki also posts photos, reviews and recommondations. Next to that she also keeps a list of Women in Literature.

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