Six Books You Should Read For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. Exactly a week away. October certainly is flying by.

So I thought I would do a post about books that I think could be great reads for Halloween.Previously I didn’t read scary books, but as I have entered the bookish community online I have found reading books for Halloween to be more appealing. It is easier to find those books that suit your taste because of all the recommendations everyone shares. Before I would most hear Stephen King in real life around me as books to read for Halloween.

In any case the six books below aren’t all nessecarily scary but they all do have an atmosphere or elements that remind me of Halloween.

1 Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud

A paranormal book with some scary scenes. The eerie setting and fighting ghosts fit well with Halloween.

Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grim and Gruesome. Edited by Stephen Jones. Illustrated by Alan Lee
This is an anthology with short stories by various authors inspired by the fairly tales of the Brothers Grimm. In between are some of the original fairy tales. I enjoyed seeing the various ideas and how they were inspired.

Shutter by Courtney Alameda
Shutter is another paranormal read with ghosts that fits the mood of Halloween.

4 Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Hex is a great and gruesome read for Halloween. Unfortunately it is only out in Dutch at the moment, but it will be released in English next year.

5 Mort by Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books are all great reads for this time a year, but if you have to start somewhere, start with the Death arc.

6 The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
This list wouldn’t be complete without a Gaiman book. I think he knows well how to write a creepy atmosphere without nessecarily having any super scary scenes. The Graveyard Book is a great read for Halloween for that reason.

11 thoughts on “Six Books You Should Read For Halloween

  1. The Graveyard Book is not really creepy, for me, though. I always found it more comforting and funy. Wouldn’t Coraline be better? Or The Ocean at the end of the Lane? I think that last one is pretty creepy.

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    1. Like I said in the post, not all of the books in this list are nessecarily scary, but they have elements that remind me of Halloween. The setting of The Graveyard Book reminds me more of Halloween than The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I haven’t read Coraline yet so I can’t comment on that. 🙂


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