top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday #21

top ten tuesdayWelcome to another Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, where we get a bookish prompt to create a top ten for.

One would think I’d be able to think up more than ten for this week’s topic, and yet somehow I couldn’t even get to ten. This week’s topic is Ten Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie to Grant Me.

1 To create room for a huge gorgeous library in our current house or for a new house with a huge gorgeous library.
Who doesn’t want this, honestly? I think it’s a dream for most of us. Just rows with book shelves, and being able to place all the books exactly the way I want them to.

2 And this library would need to have a window seat
I would love to have a window seat, preferably with a landscape view, to sit and read. With cushions and curling up under a blanket. Maybe with a cat on the lap or nearby (but only if they don’t damage my books or book cases). Look at some of these.

3 And the book cases in this library would need unlimited shelf space
How else would I be able to shelf ALL the books.

4 No midseries cover changes
5 And All the books would have the same height.
Because it is so annoying that hardly any books have the same height or when there are cover changes in the midst of a series being released.

6 Online orders arrive immediately and never damaged
Waiting is honestly the worst. And having the book be damaged then is even worse. I’ve had this happen to me so many times I wanted to never order online ever again. Unfortunately I have to or else I would not be able to read some of the books I want to. 😦

7 Bookish merchandise for all my favorite books
8 And I’d own all that merchandise too
Because let’s be honest, if a book isn’t super popular it doesn’t tend to have any merchandise like shirts with quotes of it or pretty jewelry. And I’m really not that talented to create things myself.

9 Book to movie adaptions always perfect
Don’t we all have this secret wish? Even though I know it isn’t possible for it to be perfect (everyone has their own interpretation of books and I don’t think they’d ever completely match with all fans) it’s still a secret wish. Bad adaptions are painful

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #21

  1. This is a fun list. The library one- definitely. Maybe high up (like in a castle) with a view of some gardens or a maze or something. Ha ha. #5 is great! And yes to merchandise- there are so many books with good lines or quotes, wouldn’t it be cool to have ashirt or whatever with whatever quote we like? Great idea!

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  2. Mid-series cover changes are a nightmare! And I would love to own all of the merchandise available for my favourite books too. I once saw a really cute Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland bag but I never bought it. Shame.

    Great wishes! 🙂

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