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Five Pretty Creepy Covers

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us. Only two more weeks. As such I felt that sharing some pretty (and) creepy covers would be great.

We all know how important covers can be for grabbing our attention. Unfortunately some thrillers and paranormal books can have the standard dark, creepy woods, figure or house kind of covers that all look so similiar very little creep factor remains, and I am not lured into picking them up.

I’m not well read in this genre, but these five covers stood out to me lately.

Shutter by Courtney Alameda

When I decided to do this post this was the first cover I thought of. I love it a lot. It’s very creepy and it fits with the paranormal in the book (judging from the synopsis).

we'll never be apart
We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean

I was just happily browsing Goodreads when I came across this. It is weirdly pretty and creepy at the same time. The woods always give a scary effect and it is often used for creepy settings, but I liked how they used it in this with the typography.

hex english cover
Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Now this UK cover has definitely stepped up the creep factor from the Dutch and US editions. I like it, mostly because I know how creepy the second half of the book becomes. Though I kind of wish maybe they’d incorperated the purple and the figure from the Dutch cover because it would have fitted with the story even better.

i become shadow
I Become Shadow by Joe Shine

I really like this one. It’s creepy because of the way the title is placed and the difference on the two sides, yet her eyes pop out like that. Together with those colors. It also really makes me wonder what this book is about and if it maybe has some paranormal elements. It’s a sci-fi according to Goodreads. Cool.

of breakable things
Of Breakable Things by A. Lynden Rolland

This cover is so pretty, but so creepy! I love that it is mostlyw white with some black and blue. And looking at the other covers, I clearly have a strong preference for those colours in creepy covers.

I choose not to mention the Lockwood & Co. covers though I really like those as well. But I wanted to show a few covers that I am drawn to that I had not shown yet. I’ve only read Hex of these, but these all look very interesting, and I own Shutter. Have you read any of these books?

What are some of your favorite creepy covers? What appeals you to pick up a creepy/thriller book in the book store?

12 thoughts on “Five Pretty Creepy Covers

  1. It has to have something mysterious, and not look like a cheap horror film poster. But then, I don’t really see many creepy covers, to be honest. Creepy is something different to everyone. I am not creeped out by pictures.
    For instance, the Steampunk: Poe book, has a lovely cover, and the stories are creepy, but the illustrations are not. To me, anyway.

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    1. I agree that it is very different for everyone There are a lot of people that do pick up these books because of the cheap horror film poster look or the person in the woods. I tend to be more fascinated by these covers than actually creeped out, trying to see all the details and hope that they come out to play in the story.


  2. Nice post 🙂 I especially like Shutter’s cover, it’s perfect for my weird horror tastes 🙂 I haven’t really read any horror books before, just because I enjoy the movies more.

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      1. My view on horror stories might have changed a little over the last few days. I don’t like horror *novels* but I enjoy horror short stories: they are just right 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for horror books? 🙂

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      2. I´m not that well read in the genre at the moment. But if you like short stories maybe the anthology Faerie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and the Gruesome might be interesting to give a go.


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