Books and Cats

Books and Cats #3

By the time this posts I’ll be in Maastricht with my husband for a few days for my birthday. My parents will be taking care of the cats for a few days. But since they tend to have a hard time with us being away I figured why not plan in a post with my books and my cats.

It’s been a while since I did one of these. My cats aren’t very willing to take pretty pictures with books in the last few months so most of these are older photos.

‘There is no room for that book on your lap.’
Some naps inbetween reading
‘Shh, I’m reading.’
I love this picture of him
Let me come into your picture and sniff your candle that I’ve had no interest in before…
‘Oh, were you taking a picture?’
BOSS in front of my book case

13 thoughts on “Books and Cats #3

      1. Primary reason is that we are renting the house we currently live in and they don’t allow pets. I used to have a dog but I left him with my brother when I moved to the UK. I would love to have another dog or a cat soon. I’m so desperate for a pet I’ve arranged a lot of bird feeds in our backyard to attract the birds during the summer, lol

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