top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday #20

top ten tuesday

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, where we get a bookish prompt to create a top ten for.

Author duo’s, a collaberation between two authors writing a book together. Some examples if this are Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett with Good Omens or Cassandra Clare and Holly Black with their Magisterium series. It is this week’s topic. Top ten author duo’s you’d LOVE to see write a book together. I find this a difficult topic, because I don’t think about these things. But I did my best and managed to come up with four. Granted, these might not make a lot of sense to anyone but me.

1 Jonathan Stroud and Rick Riordan
Somehow I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone. I think that would be a fun fest. Their cliffhangers would be brutal though.

2 Neil Gaiman and Stephen King
Because, why not? I’d like to see what would come out of this combination. I’m thinking it will be way out there

3 Cinda Williams Chima and Rachel Hartman
I think both of these authors create great worlds, and I woudl love to see what worlds they’d create together.

4 A.M. Dellamonica and Corinne Duyvis
I think this would be a great combination for diversity when it comes to disability and sexuality.

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #20

  1. No, no, no. King and Gaiman, nice as they are separately, should not write together. King is bold, and creepy in his writing; Gaiman is subtle and mysterious. Different level of creepy. It would sell though. It would certainly sell.

    Ursula Le Guin and China Mieville, that might be interesting.

    Margaret Atwood and Ursula Le Guin, as well.

    Or Mary Gentle and Margaret Atwood.

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