Six Bookstagram Accounts You Have to Check Out


If you are a book lover and you are on Instagram, the concept of bookstagram probably isn’t foreign to you. Bookstagram are instagram accounts that focus on book photography. And if there is anything I love to do more than looking for what books to add to my TBR book next, it is seeing pretty pictures of books taken by others. Some of these accounts make great photos, and I want to share a few of my favorites with you guys.

Now I won’t be sharing any of their pictures directly on this post because, hello, copyright. So you will have to do with my pictures thrown throughout this post so it isn’t just text. I know, I know. It’s painfull to the eyes. 😉

I found her photos through Tumblr initially where she also has an acccount. She takes such great stylistic photos of multiple items next to the books without taken away the attention from the book. I just love staring at some of her pictures. She also has an amazing amount of Alice in Wonderland copies (also in foreign languages, like the Dutch one that came out earlier this year). It’s great to see all of those in her pictures.

Another account I found through Tumblr first. I love the photos she takes outside or with flowers. Her dog is also very cute. She also has very pretty editions of some books.

Oh my, Mara’s bookshelves are amazing. Yes, I’ll admit. I drool when I see them. The colours on her pictures are so vibrant. And all her funko pops tend to pop right of the page.

Next to being an amazing funny person who eats books for breakfast in between blogging, Cait also takes some pretty great book photos. I like how she plays with composition in every picture.

I love the pastel colours her pictures have. The combination with the flowers and books are always so pretty. And there is just such an almost vintage feel to her photos.

Angela combines books with vintage things. I like to see the combination she comes up with and the overal colour theme she has going on. 

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