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Top Ten Tuesday #19

top ten tuesdayWelcome to another Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, where we get a bookish prompt to create a top ten for.

Now this week the topic is Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit or Have Quit. An interesting topic. I decided to do both, because I don’t think I could have made a list for just one. I took things as habits as well. These aren’t nessecarily good or bad things. It’s an interesting topic though and I’m curious to see all of your lists this week.

Six Bookish Things/Habits I Have Quit
1 Dog earing books instead of using a book mark
I’ll admit it. I used to be one of those that dog eared library books. I know. I know! It’s a sin. But since I got chewed out by my mom about it once I haven’t dog eared a library book. Any book really. Don’t get me wrong, if you dog ear your own books that is completely fine. But dog earing library books, not so much.

2 Only buying the cheapest copies
I was a cheapskate. I would get the mass market paperbacks over any hardcover any day because cheaper books mean more money to buy more cheaper books. But since my collection has grown, and my paperbacks sometimes look a tad damaged, I have taken to investing more in hardcover books. They look so nice on the shelves. I still buy plenty of paperbacks though.

3 Going to the library
I used to always go to the libarly every 2-3 weeks. Mostly with my mom, from a young age. But as I went to high school, and had less time to read I went to the library less. Sometimes I used the high school library.

4 Sending newly bought online books back if they aren’t in perfect condition
I want my books to be pretty perfect if I buy them as new and full price. Last year that caused me to send books back so often I had no pleasure in buying books anymore. I dreaded the package, because 9 times out of 10 I had to send the book back anyway. Multiple times sometimes. This year I am not as picky anymore. It’s still a struggle, because I like things perfect, but I have to accept that not everything can be. Unfortunately.

5 Not stacking my books in the shelves
To save space I saw a lot of people stacking their books in the shelves. But books should be upright. But this year I’ve stacked some books in my book shelves as well. It can be very playful. I’m not ready yet for double rows in my shelves though. I might never be.

6 Ditching the dustjacket (a.k.a throwing them away)
I know! I used to do this. My three Harry Potter hardcovers I bought when they came out are without dustjackets because I threw them away. I promise, I do not do this anymore.

Four Bookish Things/Habits I Want to Quit

7 Holding on to books I don’t think I’ll read
Some books I’ve bought in sales and such that I don’t think I’ll read at the moment. There is a shelf where there are some books that I don’t think I want to read, like some crime books, but I can’t get myself to remove them from the shelves because I haven’t read them. Ugh.

8 Poking about online for sales on books  and being seduced by them even though I have a huge number of books still to read
I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this habit, and gives in to the need of books that are cheaper than normal.

9 Buying ALL the physical books
I love physical books, but I need to be more selective, because I am really starting to run out of space in my main shelves and it makes me a bit panicky just thinking about that. I should buy more books as ebooks. Books I think I might not want as a physical copy and such. Or series that are very long like the In Death series I’d still like to read.

10 Starting a classic book but then taking months to read, or putting it down
Sometimes I find it hard to pick up book and while I don’t mind that it takes me longer to read these books, sometimes I catch myself completely forgetting that I am reading this book.


25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #19

  1. It’s quite likely you are getting into that phase where you will be more picky and choosy about what books you want to own and read. That’s a good thing. But I also remember my days of eating simple salads so I could buy my books very fondly. It is a great time in your life when new books (or second hand ones) can make you happy!

    … Do stop dog ear-ing 😦 You’d send slightly damaged books back, but then willfully maim them? 😮 I am shocked. Shocked!
    (I still have old receipts from the 90’s used as bookmarks in some books I read long ago: there are always bookmarks around if you need on.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah probably. The first few years of collecting you just buy all the books. I am already a bit more selective with what I want to get, but so many new books keep coming out.

      Haha. I have never dog eared any of my own books, don’t worry. It was just library books back when I was a teen. I have started collecting book marks so I have plenty. 😉


  2. This is a scandalous post! Haha, I admit I cringe every time I pick up a library book and someone has dog-eared it. No bueno. But I’m glad to hear you are reformed 🙂 I also need to let go of the books I’m not going to read or the ones I have read and didn’t enjoy. I have a couple of bags of books in my closet I’m supposed to donate to my library, but it’s so hard to let go! Great list this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I know. I now cringe too with dog-earing.

      So hard! I have a seperate book case upstairs where I am collecting the ones I don’t want anymore to take to the second hand store. But the step to call that store to set up an appointment to bring in the books is keeping me for letting go.


  3. I’m really bad at removing books I won’t ever read off my shelf, it’s something I’m trying to be better at however, and I’ve managed to remove a couple this year. I always have these grand plans of reading ALL the classics but it never happens unfortunately!

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    1. Great you were able to remove a few. Hopefully I can follow.

      Oh yeah me too. I have this whole shelf with classics I am interested in reading. Though I do tend to pick up the super thick ones. Reading the thinner ones might help.


  4. I have a lot of the same bad bookish habits. I try not to buy ALL the books, but it’s so hard to pass up deals! I used to throw away all my dust jackets too! I hate reading with them on, so I would just get rid of them right away. Now I keep them, but sometimes I forget to put them back on and then they get ripped and I throw them away anyway.

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    1. I know. I’ll be browsing and see a book cheaper, and I think it’s a sign I finally should buy the book.

      I don’t read with them on either. When I take them off I put them on top of a few books or I put them on the shelf where the book stood. Maybe the last one will help you to not forget to put them back on?


  5. I am so guilty of most of these! I am really awful about the dust jackets. I don’t throw them away, but I will put them in a shelf where they tend to fall behind the books. And I am too lazy to search each shelf for it :p Every time I move though, I find a whole bunch of them!

    Great list 🙂

    My TTT

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