Versatile Blogger Award

book tags and awardsSo many awards and book tags going around. This time I am doing the Versatile Blogger Award!

For the Versatile Blogger Award I was nominated by three lovely ladies. Marcia from Met het Oog Op de Toekomst, Angelica from Feel the Future, and Lyndsey from Burn My Book. If you can read Dutch, please go check out their blogs!

For this award you have to thank the person or persons that nominated you, share 7 facts about you and/or your blog, and nominate 15 other blogs. So I’ll share some facts about myself down below.

  • When I was in high school I always saw other people having their own websites and blogs. But fourteen year old me thought  to myself I can’t do that. I don’t know how to code or how to write an interesting blog post. Later on, things became so busy that I didn’t think about it anymore.Last year I discovered Tumblr and I posted things through there. Though I feel Tumblr is a great platform for quick thoughts and photos, I don’t think it always works well for longer posts. Because of that I started paying attention to other people’s blog’s outside of Tumblr and found wordpress. Which is easy to use when it works. So that is how I started this book blog back in May, at the age of 27.
  • I graduated from college four years ago with a Bachelor of Social Work.
  • My husband and I own our own house (if you disregard the morgage, haha). Four years now. Time goes by so quickly. I’m proud of that. Though it isn’t a big house (no room for a library unfortunately) we’re happy with the house and the street we live in. Well for the most part. That neighbour behind us that thinks its a good idea to turn on the volume of their music at 1.00 am in the morning when it’s great weather, I don’t appreciate as much.
  • In the real world I don’t really have any friends. Just people I know. Which sounds kind of sad, but I’m not, I promise. I just don’t connect to other people easily, I’m not much of a talker and because of some things in the last few years I’m just not that used to starting a conversation anymore. Sometimes I wish I could and that I could do things with other people like go book shopping. Because my husband really doesn’t get it. I talk and talk about books in the book store and he just nods and nods, haha. On the other hand I wonder if I want that because soceity says one should have a certain amount of friends.
  • I love to watch speed skating. It was always a bit of a tradition when I still lived at home to watch it each Winter with a cup of hot chocolate. And that has stuck. That the Dutch are reasonably good at it helps, haha. Another tradition is to watch the Tour de France each Summer.
  • I lost 21 kg last year. I had to for my liver. I’m struggling with the last bit (the last 5-6 kg I’d like to lose) at the moment, but I’m not really trying like I did last year. I’m being lazy. I probably should make more of an effort, but I’m already glad with what I lost and that I didn’t gain it back this year.
  • Stargate is one of my favorite tv shows. I love it with a fiery passion. It has basically ruined me for other sci-fi though because nothing compares, haha.

I will not be nominating 15 others. Just a few:

Myrthe from Books around the World
Fiddler Blue
Illeana from Illeanas Book Reviews
Alysyn from reinreads

7 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Stargate is awesome. All of them. But you should give Defiance a go, and Firefly. If you haven’t already. And Daniel or Rodney? I still can’t pick my favourite male character. Sam of course is my favourite of all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is. I have Firefly and love it. And my husband and I started Defiance last year. We’ve watched the first two seasons and like it so far.
      For me it is Jack or Rodney. They both have something. But I love all characters of Stargate. Well with the exception of universe. I like Eli and Rush but other than that I have little connection with the others.


  2. Congratulations with maintaining your weight! I’ve been struggling to lose my own pregnancy weight gain and so far it’s been like a see-saw, lol, but I cheat on my diet a lot so it’s my fault anyway.
    Social work is really nice. I always wanted to try something similar to it. Are you working as a social worker at the present? 🙂
    Thank you for nominating me! 😀


  3. Hello! Love your post! Thank you so much for the nomination. None of my friends are huge book lovers, so I definitely understand wishing you had more people to talk to about it with sometimes. But I guess that’s what’s so great about book blogging & what not. I’ve already done this award, but I’ll link you in the post! Thank you again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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