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Blossom Books – The Grisha Read-a-long

As you all might know by now, I’m Dutch. And as such I do keep track of some of the Dutch publishers. One of them is Blossom Books who focus primarily on (fantasy) young adult. Next to books they also sell some bookish items like tote bags and book mugs. But what I know them most for is their communications through social media. The people behind it are fun and energetic. And they get you excited about things.

Earlier this year they organized a read-a-thon. And this October they are organising The Grisha read-a-long.

At the end of the month Leigh Bardugo will be visiting the Netherlands. In celebration of that and the Dutch release of Six of Crows (October 31st), there will be a month long read-a-long of The Grisha. And I’ll be participating. I read Shadow and Bone and the Witch of Duva earlier this year, but I haven’t read the others of the main trilogy or any of the other short stories.

Blossom Books made a schedule. The plan is to read a book a week with all the short stories in the last week of October and to discuss them at the end of the month. Personally I’ll be flipping through Shadow and Bone quickly and then start Siege and Storm right away. The week we’ll be reading Siege and Storm is the week I’ll be away for half the week so that is just easier for me. And obviously right after this readalong I’ll be reading Six of Crows. There will also be chats, sprints and challenges. Depending on the challenges I might make seperate posts for those here or post them up on Instagram (and recap them in the Sunday Post). I’ll have to see.

For the Dutch people that want to participate you can find the info here. There is a calendar for the read-a-long here. There is also a Facebook event and a Facebook group.

If you are also particpating, let me know!

Happy Reading.

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