Favorite BookTubers

youtubeOn occasion I like to use my YouTube app on my IPod to watch some videos. And of course you will have guessed by the title that these are mostly BookTubers. I never thought I woud like to watch these when I first discovered their existence. I prefer the written word for most things. But at the start of the year I was a bit bored, and found I enjoyed watching a few every now and again.

I mostly like to watch some book hauls, wrap ups and book shelf tours. I honestly have not watched a review or book discussion on there before. I’m not sure why. Reading a review is just a lot quicker I suppose.

In any case I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite BookTubers. Of course there are plenty more than the ones I’ve listed, but it is a good start. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

Beware there are some videos down below.

There are not a lot of BookTubers I watch almost all videos of but Katytastic is certainly one of them. She is very enjoyable to watch. She is energetic but not too much, and I like her personality. I also really like to see some of her older videos and see how she’s taken leaps in booktubing. Her book shelves are amazing.

Next to Katytastic I also enjoy to watch JessetheReader. Like Katytastic he is energetic and enthousiastic, but not too much. He can easily make you excited about books and want them now. Which is never good for those of us who buy too many books already.

I am also awfully fond of watching Gingerreadslainey. I love hearing her opinions and some of the books that she has been discovering. She is a big fan of Morgan Rhodes and it is her fault I got the first three Falling Kingdoms books last month. She is also the creator of Top 5 Wednesday.

Little Book Owl is another lovely BookTuber to watch. I love seeing her talk about the uni books she’s been reading, or her opinions on other books. She reads a lot of different things. And I really like her style.

My friend Mary from Books and Cookies Booktalk of course can’t be missing from this list. She is genuinely a nice person and a lot of fun to watch.

And lastly I’d like to point you in the direction of Tilly from Tilly AndHerBooks. Tilly is a very fun person with a huge library. Seriously, you have to see her shelfies over on Tumblr.


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