Goodreads Shelves

Goodreads. Most of us have made a goodreads account, and though sometimes we like to complain about it (about the ratings for instance) it is a great way to keep track of the books you’ve read, the books you want to read and to share your reviews with others. Of course there are also the groups that you can become a part of.

Goodreads also has shelves. Now everyone has the basic three. Read, To Read and Currently Reading. You can add your own shelves if you want to. I like to use this option, because I like to keep things organised. Plus I can easily see how many times I’ve rated a book 5 stars or 4 stars for instance. Below you can see the shelves I have added.

goodreads shelves

Now as you can see, I have a whole bunch of shelves I added. I have a shelf for each rating that I use, so from 1 to 5 stars.  Next to that they are organised by genre. And I have a shelf for each reading year. For now I like this set-up, though I have a lot of shelves. I went through a few changes with it since I got my account. I used to also try and order books to be read,  like books I own that I need to read or that were the highest on my wishlist. But that became such a mess, because Goodreads would often also mark those books as read which was not what I wanted. So I left that off.

While I do have 1 star shelf, I only have that because I have shelves for the other ratings that I use. I often see people have shelves that say they will never read this or that book based on other reviews or reported behaviour of the author. I never understand that. Why put in the effort to mark something you aren’t interested in? But maybe someone can explain this to me?

Anyway this way you can easily see that I mostly read fantasy. You can also see that so far I’ve only rated 10 books 5 stars. I don’t give those away easily.

Do any of you have a way of organising the books on goodreads? Are your shelves different from mine?

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