Book Marks #3

I was slowly saving up book marks I get to do more of these posts. And I’m still doing that, but it’s been a slow process. However I got these earlier this week and I’m just so happy about it that I had to share!

So you might have seen the book mark on the right in the last book marks post of my favorites before. or if you follow me on instagram as I use this one often.

It is by the brand Santoro, from their line Gorjuss. Next to book marks they have bags, stickers, mugs etc for this line. I am in love with the cute girls on this. I don’t own a lot of it, as it can be a bit expensive.

So when I went to my book store, and saw they had some of the small items for sale, I grabbed for the book marks and got them all. I got six next to this one now which I will show pictures of below. I also got a bunch of doubles to give them for birthays to reader friends. :3

So any case here come the rest. The front and back, as the back as a bit of text as well.


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