top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday #12

top ten tuesdayWelcome to another Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, where we get a bookish prompt to create a top ten for.

This week the topic is Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors. Now I buy books mostly for the story, the synopsis, even the covers. I do not buy books often because of the author on it. However there are a few authors that I do hold in high regard at the moment and that I am more likely to buy all books of, though not nessecarily auto-buy.


1 Jonathan Stroud
I LOVED the Bartimaeus series, and Jonathan Stroud is a very nice person as well. I would like to get my hand on all his earlier books and his future books. For now I’ll focus on Lockwood & Co though.

2 Terry Pratchett
He wrote so many books throughout his life and the last one is coming out soon. I always have to restrain myself when I see a Discworld book that I don’t have yet, but I can’t buy them all at once. That would be the death of my bank account, haha.

3 Neil Gaiman
I’ve read 3 books of his so far and loved all of them, so I keep a good eye on what he will be coming out with next. Also I try to figure out which of his earlier books I’d like to get next.

4 Marissa Meyer
I love The Lunar Chronicles, and she seems to be a great person as well.

5. Rick Riordan
I want to get all his future books. Can’t wait for Magnus Chase.

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #12

  1. I’m looking forward to the Riordan book – Norse mythology definitely. I have not read him before, though I did see the movie… I’ve heard not to judge the books by that. 🙂 I may go back and read all his stuff after the Chase books…

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    1. I’m so curious about it.
      Haha, indeed. I saw the movie before I read the books as well and thought it was okay at the time, but after reading the books I get what everyone means. You definetely should.


      1. I think I might do that, I just have so many books waiting to be read that I want to be pretty sure that I’m going to like a book before committing to add it to the pile! I will, definitely, as soon as Winter comes out I’m going to do a binge read!

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