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The Infinity Dreams Award

the infinit dreams award

Thank you to Amy from Curiouser and Curiouser who nominated me for The Infinity Dreams Award a while ago. I’m finally getting around to it now. Go check out her blog!

This award requires you to list 7 of my dreams. That is quite a lot. We’ll see where I end up and how realistic these dreams are.

1. I would like to own a house just outside a town or a city with a large garden so we can have a few animals with one large room that I can use as a my own personal library.

2. I would like to visit a few of my online friends around the world.

3. At some point I would like to have children with my husband.

4. I want to weight below 60 kg. I am 5 kg away. I can do this! This was a long term goal I set for myself last year when I had to lose weight for my liver. I’ve lost 20 kg so far and I’ve been sticking around the same weight for months now. So overal I’m pleased, but I would still like to reach my end goal at some point.

5. I would like to have perfect (or as close to) English,and potentially become fluent in another language that I can use on a daily basis. Logic would say German, however I fear going back to learning it as my grammar was always quite terrible.

6. I would like to finish writing at least one of my book ideas. I have a lot of ideas but I always think it isn’t good enough in the planning stage so I haven’t finished anything in a long time. The last few years weren’t the best time for me either, but I’m hoping to pick it back up one day. Just finishing it, not publishing it or anything.

7. To live for many more years. This is more of a hope than a dream, I know. Sometimes I realize how vulnerable we really are and it is a scary feeling.  I hide in a book then.

Now I would like to nominate

Myrthe @ Books around the World

Erika and Miedjel @ Partners in Books

Marcia @ Met het oog op de toekomst

4 thoughts on “The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Wait, English isn’t your first language? What is it?? Also, I hope you do finish writing your book! I’d be glad to read it!! And yes, it would be amazing to meet our online bookish friends! Thanks for the tag, Annemieke ❤

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