Books and Cats

Books and Cats #2

Trying to take pictures of books and cats together, deliberately, is almost impossible. They don’t care for being shoved into a frame with such an inanimate object.They have to constantly move around their head, can’t sit still for a minute or worse, have to play with your book. Of course when you are taking just pictures of the books they push themselves into your photos. Do you even know how many times I thought I had a good shot of a book only to discover a cat paw in it?

In any case I hope you enjoy these few shots of books and my cats.

‘Am I not cute?’

She has to be the cutest thing in the picture.
Even cats know that it is best to snuggle up with a book when it rains.
Of course she has to play with my book mark.
Apparently books make great places to rest your head.


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