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Statistics 2015 – January to June

reading statsAt the start of this year I thought it would be fun to keep track of some reading statistics. I always find those things interesting as they give insight in your reading habits/choices you might not have otherwise noticed. And it will be interesting to keep track of it next year as well and compare.

One thing I don’t need to keep track of is genre. Not really. All should know I mainly read fantasy anyway, haha

Release Dates

Last year I read very little new releases, even though I had bought a few of those. So I wanted to see how I fared with that this year. And I find it interesting to see which years most of the books I read were released.

2015 releases – 5
2014 releases – 8
2010 to 2013 releases – 28
2000 to 2009 releases – 15
1999 and earlier releases – 7

So as you can see, most of the books I’ve been reading so far this year have been published between 2010 and 2013. Which makes sense. I didn’t read a lot during that period, but a lot of interesting books were published during those years and I’ve been playing catch-up. I’m glad to see I have also been reading books before that time though. I think it is reasonably well spread out. The category of 1999 and earlier releases of course has some classics in there as well.

Target Group

I like to think I read a mix of adult and young adult. However sometimes I look at my wrap-up pile and realize most is young adult.

Middle Grade – 6
Young Adult – 34
Adult – 18
Classics – 2
Graphic Novel/Comics/Manga – 2
Non-Fiction – 1

And my feeling is confirmed. I do read mosty young adult. I think this is because most of those I follow on various reading sites read young adult and so I get a lot of recommendations that way. Of course young adult also has great fantasy books to offer. I do hope to eventually even out the gap between young adult and adult, just because I feel that adult fantasy books also have a lot to offer.


Books read January – 9
Pages read January – 2739

Books read February – 7
Pages read February – 2101

Books read March – 7
Pages read March – 3129

Books read April – 14
Pages read April – 6900

Books read May – 15
Pages read May – 5690

Books read June – 11
Pages read June – 3370

Total books read – 63
Total pages read – 23929

Clearly April and May were my best reading months. Not just because of the amount of books but also in the amount of pages those books had, especially in April. My average pages per book now is 380. I think I do overal prefer that amount of pages. At least 300-500 is a length I enjoy, but I really don’t mind books that are shorter or longer.


Rereads – 6
Series I started – 16
Series I started but I am not going to continue – 3
Series I finished – 10
Standalone – 13
Novella – 5
Physical Books – 57
Ebooks – 6

I don’t reread a lot of books normally. When I was younger I did do this much more, mostly because the library got little new books and I’d read everything I found interesting. So having reread 6 books so far this year is quite a lot for me.

As you can see, I’ve started a good chunk of series this year. But I’m glad to see I’ve also finished 10. Now these can be ones I started earlier or started this year. I start a lot of series as I have a lot of first books in series. However I sometimes neglect getting the rest of the series, because I got excited about other books and because I read so many others since then most of the time. I finished the Legend trilogy within a month. That is really good for me.

That I read mostly physical books is no surprise to me. As you can see in my book hauls, I buy a lot of physical books. However as it was recently very hot I do see the advantage of reading more on my e reader.

What are your habits with some of these things? Are you drawn more to young adult or adult? How many pages do you prefer your books to have or does it not matter?  How often do you reread books?

5 thoughts on “Statistics 2015 – January to June

  1. I read a bit of everything, though at the moment a lot of YA as well (though in my day we just called it children’s books). I’ve also been reading through all my children’s books again. I love children’s books (ya, middle grade and even picture books). Adult books area usually more intricate but also have a slower pace, so that’s not usually what I’m looking for when I want a quick read to relax. I don’t have any stats on my reading though.

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    1. Lol, in my day as well. Sections were just marked with ages in the library.

      I like the quickness of young adult books, but I’m also mostly drawn to the ideas and characters that are in young adult. Synopsis’s often jump of the page while synopsis’s of adult books often sound so stuffy. So I can get excited more easily for a young adult than an adult book. But that means I probably pass up on some good adult fantasy books.

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