Book Marks #2

As said in my previous post about book marks, I would show you guys my favorite book marks. For the most part these are the ones that I use the most. When I pick out a new book I tend to pick out another book mark. Whatever strikes my mood or what fits with the book I am going to be reading.

Starting of with these three. I really love Scooby-Doo. That dog has been my obsession since I can remember. So when I saw these at Waterstones I believe, I had to have them. I haven’t pulled them out to use them, as they seem so fragile, but look at the cute.

The fairy one I’ve had for ages. I can’t remember where I got it from, but it is so pretty. There is glitter glued on so it isn’t a smooth surface.

And the girl I got last year. It is from the Gorjuss line from Santoro. They have a lot of different things in this line, including a few book marks. They are really cute and I’ve been holding back on buying them all.

Next a few text ones.

The first one is from Blossom Books, the Dutch publisher, and it is so true. I couldn’t walk by this one. It is perfect. The monkey I’ve used a lot last year, and it’s been showing a bit of wrinkles from the many uses. I don’t use it that much because of that. Instead I use the other magnetic one. The Keep Calm and… has been seen on bags, t-shirts, mugs so of course there are also book marks.

And lastly a book mark from the American Book Centre in Amsterdam. I really like this quote.

My recent meerkat additions. My husband and I love to go to zoo’s and I have taken to liking these animals. I used to watch Meerkat Manor. I just think they are amazing animals. The Dutch text on the left one says, ‘A hug is a perfect gift, it always fits’. The magnetic one we got when we went to the zoo on our one year wedding anniversary in May.

The next two were gifts. The first one was a gift from an online friend. It is so pretty. When I don’t use it I put it back in the plastic bag. The other one was a recent gift from my husband. I had seen it online and I fell in love with it. It is so incredibly pretty.

And last, but certainly not least are a bunch of book marks I received from my dad. All of these are magnetic. These are special as most depict the area I grew up in. As some of you might know I am Dutch. I grew up in a small sea town which drew a lot of tourists because of the beaches. We had a lighthouse as well which is why those are depicted on some of the book marks. I really love that drawn one. These are special because they remind me of home.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite book marks. Once I have quite a few again I will show you guys them.

Do you have any favorite book marks?


5 thoughts on “Book Marks #2

  1. I love seeing people’s book marks and I always want to get some myself, but then I know I won’t really use them. At least not to the extent they should be used. I just grab whatever is near when I need a book mark. I’ve got a couple from Bookdepository on my night stand, but if I’m somewhere else it might be a scrap piece of people, an (unused!) tissue, or a candy wrapper; I’m creative. The best is when I come across books now I haven’t picked up in ages and those things are still in there!

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    1. I love seeing them too. Some are so pretty.

      Usually when I pick a book I also pick a book mark straight away so I have one with me in the book already so I know I don’t have to search for anything else. I never used to use my book marks either but that has been working for me. 🙂

      Books can become little treasures like that!

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    1. Thank you! Haha, nothing wrong with using post it notes and scraps of paper. To each their own. At least on those you can scribble down some thoughts. 😉


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