Book Marks #1

The last time my parents came to visit us (they live three hours away), my father discovered I like to collect book marks. Yes I do. I’ve been holding on to a few book marks from years ago, and the more I have been entering book stores, the more my eye keeps falling on all those pretty book marks. I know that having an eye catching book mark isn’t important to everyone, and I get that. But I like it when something nice is inbetween those precious pages, or something pretty is hanging from my book.

So, getting back to the point, when I visited my parents last weekend I got a load of book marks from my father. He actually went out and bought some for me. How insane is that? Honestly, my husband and my parents are the worst enablers when it comes to book buying and collecting things. There are so many different ones. There are a lot of different sizes. Some are made of paper, plastic and even thread. There are magnetic ones, those that have a tassle.

I thought it would be fun to show you guys my collection of book marks so far.

The book marks in the first picture are those mostly from book stores I’ve bought books at. The pink one is from The America Book Centre in Amsterdam. They change the quote every few months I think. There are also two book marks there for the national month of the triller/exciting book every June. The other pictues shows book marks that have specific books on them as advertisement that I found inside some of the books I bought. The one from The Grisha trilogy I found at a book store in Zwolle. The Dutch publisher, Blossom Books, has some of their book marks free in book stores.

Some of my animal book marks. The other picture shows a bit of a mix match. I thought the one with the tea cups magnatic ones were so cute. The angel one was a gift from a penpal. The blue one is one from commemeration of the dead 2015.

Next month I’ll show you some of my favorites!


5 thoughts on “Book Marks #1

  1. Good bookmarks are essential – I have a bit of a collection from over the years too but I’m ashamed to say I don’t use most of them. Case in point: one of my arty friends actually MADE me a beautiful Terry Pratchett one, covered in quotes with the Librarian sat at the top – but I’ve never dared use it – It’s too pretty. I mostly use metal or wood ones as I’m not very careful with them when I’m actual reading and they tend to get stolen by one of the dogs or stuck In my hair or down the side of the sofa…..

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    1. They are.
      I can understand that. For the most part the cats leave my book marks alone, unless they have a tassel. There are some that I hardly ever use. I have too many for that, really.
      That Terry Pratchett one sounds amazing!


  2. Yay for bookmarks! I’m HORRIBLE about bookmarks…geesh. I always lose them, my dog chews them, or…um…I chew them (I get twitchy when I read apparently!) or they suddenly grow legs and walk away. It’s a problem. >_< I have a few signed ones that I won which are epic! And I have a Super Woman birthday card that I cut into a bookmark and it's one of my favourites. x)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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    1. The leg growing thing seems to be an universal problem with book marks, haha
      Signed ones are always great! And making some yourself from things you like is great too!


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