Reading Goals 2015

At the start of this year I have set myself some reading goals or bookish goals. I like to challenge myself with reading, especially now that I’m home a lot. It is just fun to work towards something. And especially for those of us that have big physical TBR piles, it can be fun to challenge yourself to get through them. I also like lists, and I find it fullfilling to be able to check something off.

I know it is now mid May, but I thought it would be good to repeat these here as I will refer to some of these in my monthly wrap-ups. I will show how far I am with most of these during each monthly wrap-up.

1. Read more by Dutch authors in the fantasy genre, one a month if possible. Minimum 12 books.

Last year I realized I was reading nothing by Dutch authors. I thought that was a shame, because I am Dutch. However I am not always appealed by what is mainstream Dutch literature I suppose. I read mostly fantasy so it does ask of me to search quite a bit for good books.

I’m a bit behind on this goal, but the books I’ve read so far for this goal have been great. Authors were: Natalie Koch, Corinne Duyvis and Thomas Olde Heuvelt.

2. Read 100 books. That is about 8-9 books a month, so 2 a week.

Last year I read 70+ books. This is mostly to challenge myself. Hundred is such a nice round number to work towards. I should be able to manage this with the help of read-a-thon’s. The first few months I had a hard time keeping up, but I read 14 books last month and I read a nice number so far this month. By the way I do count most rereads for this. This year in any case. Maybe I won’t do that next year.

3. Read all owned books of series you have started.

This goal I have specified more in March. Initially it was more open. I have written down the books I had started of series in 2014 (and the first 2 months of 2015) and that I own other books of that I had not yet read. This can mean that I can finish this series, I can catch up to this series, or that I just read all the books I own of a series. I have a tencency to start a series, and get side tracked by other ones.

The amount of series I came to was 19 of which I own 34 books unread. That is quite a bit. I won’t post the whole list here. I don’t think that is very interesting. But I will mention in my monthly wrap-ups what I read towards this goal.

4. PopSugar Ultimate 2015 Reading Challenge

Like many readers I found the PopSugar Ultimate 2015 Reading Challenge which you can find here. It is a list with reading prompts that you can try finding a fitting book for. For instance a book by a female author. I won’t mention this every montly wrap-up, but I will likely make a post about it at the halfway point.

So what reading goals did you give yourself at the start of the year and how are you doing so far?

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